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And the affordable CARE ACT IN HELP Center in that debate. And I say this respectfully because you know it's part of my job but. Asked twice it seems that you're preparing to end the interview without answering in addition to the points you've made which I think are fair. We were just discussing this with another guests pushing very hard on behalf. A lot of liberals on this very issue your answer to whether you would specifically make any of those structural changes is what? Are we I've always said I'd open a even before the seat open. To consider important structural changes in the United States. Senate that mean all right now, we're sitting on a huge amount of important legislation that asked the house of that city in the United States Senate, and if we have a majority, we wanna be able to move forward on a full agenda not just repair the damage from the last. Four years. So all those reform possibilities on the table before we got to this point with the Supreme Court justice opening and they will remain on the table afterwards I I can assure you but again. If we if we take our eye off the ball right now. Before, we try to get to more Republican senators look. We all know that Lindsey Graham took him less than twelve hours. Totally. By right the Lamar Alexander who we thought would want to retire with some shred of dignity decide also the flip flop from what he said. So we're under no illusions, but I think it's important we we pressed this case before we discuss all the details of procedural. Not Successful, we talked to the American people about what the consequences of this court packing scheme will be washed of the affordable care act loss of women's rights, loss of workers rights, and that's an important debate also. So win the election and no one's going to be physician to do any of the things you're talking about if we don't win the election. Well, there's truth to that as well and Senator Van Hall, and we wanted to get your perspective inside the battle appreciate your time, and we will be right back. Meanwhile some

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