165 A Third-Rate Burglary Attempt


Hello. And welcome to misinformation Trivia podcasts for ladies and gents Love Cool Trivia, and sticking it to annoying teams. That pub quiz we are your host. I'm Lauren and I'm Juliet Hey jewel. And doing I'm tired. Of retired. Yeah. I mean now instead of our engineer gives us a lot of shit about us how we talk about the weather at the beginning. Because we have so little to talk about. Really for so long but now we have a new thing Julius tired because of a baby is a baby living in my house. There's an doors very cute and she does sleep. It's just. You know yeah mother always said that they that God may babies cute so that we don't kill them because they make us crazy. With their big eyes, their giant is in their chubby cheeks and they're tiny little miles and they're cute noises. It's great. Eleanor's a little a little angel baby. Yes. I'm not entirely sure that I wrote my whole episode we'll find out. We're going to get three the way through. And there's no conclusion. There's no conclusion to this topic and also here's there's four questions to my quick. I. Hope you enjoy. The backup for that is if you just suddenly run out of material, we will work together to create a hypothesis of how wrap up. So I like that idea it's like an improvisation thing you know yeah you know you know things. I'm good at. Making stuff up as you go along the person that has like a full full blown I mean you guys can tell because I read I read quickly and I talk fast but I also have an entire script. In front of me. So I'm a little. I'm a little more by the book. It seems it's okay. That's all right. That's what makes this podcast. So incredibly successful, we have tens of listeners who adore hang on every word. Yes. Yeah. So we're fine. You're fine. But I don't know what your put your topic is I'm sure you told me at some point and then I completely forgot so this is a surprise more fun that way. Recording and we and the other person springs the topic back on the other person. Yes. So I'm just going to. Get right into it. This episode Lauren is a third rate burglary attempt. This episode is all about Watergate. I

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