Trump to Tap Supreme Court Nominee


The president and the senator controlled by my home side of Georges has unimportant now down below 6%. It's also a matter of getting your company your sight back open. It's about actually you a very psych and Catholic drip. And I think that this election is going to come down to that. When you don't see these states these many times, blue skies, New York, New York City without love, and I know you're Very much A part of, you know when they keep everything shut down when the Blasio's Cuomo and I'll do this for power, trying to influence elections. My hope is that people see right through it. They vote to keep the president and it will be amazing. I think how many of them will start backing down after the election because we're seeing it working sites that are actually trying Congressman. Oh, you're neck and neck to get that Senate See Best Congressman Doug Collins wants me Nick Center from Georgia. Lindsey Graham next Tomorrow's history is today's news. Keep up with everything that's happening in America In 2020, 97. 1 FM news commentary Fail and President Trump is filling the Supreme Court vacancy I'll weigh in from the court of public opinion next Today. Everyone is expecting you to maintain a new level of clean from customers and employees to students and staff. Santa says the essential products and services to help you carry out cleaning protocols effectively will keep you well stocked with cleaning supplies, professionally laundered uniforms and other essentials like face mast, hand sanitizer and the mama give everyone the confidence they need to keep coming back. Visit Santa's dot com and get ready for the workday. Trump is going full speed ahead to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. RPG is an icon who should have everyone's respect. But you didn't owner seat because no judge does Democrats saying we need to respect your wish to have the next president replace her needs to understand This isn't a time share. You can leave in your will. Democrats are pointing to the fact that Republicans didn't want to replace the justice during the 2016 election. Republicans are pointing to the fact that Democrats did, including RBG yourself, who said no president should put off a confirmation during an election because the law is the law. The Constitution says it's perfectly legal for Republicans. Put the word justice because voters gave them the power to do it, just like voters gave them the power to deny a confirmation in 2016. So instead of fighting on Facebook and riding in the streets, I encourage all of you to make a difference. The only way you really can't, which is at the ballot box. You see the thing that makes America great is that in the end for all the fighting over Supreme Court justices, it's the voters who were the ultimate judge. Fox

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