1114 Stephen Krempl: Are You Ready To Get The Recognition You Deserve?


Where most people make a mistake. They say, well, Stephen I need to be one, hundred, percent authentic I'm one hundred percent the same all the time. Well Yeah. But maybe not though. So let me give you an example though you can have a two hour meeting with your team and talking about the problems that we need to solve right But when you go to your boss, let's say you and my boss I don't say, Hey, boss Doug I got some problems so I may change a language to. Dumb we have a few issues. So I now tapered the word to a few issues and then Ugo while that's really good. Let's bring it up to Sally. That's your boss, and then when I go to sally say hey. Sally you know with a few tweaks, we can really make the. meet the customer's expectation. What happened to the problems? The problems evolved from problems to a few tweets to. No issues, right. So it it it changes. That's what people don't realize they go while. No, I'm gonNA tell it like it is and I'm gonNA shoot straight from the hip well. Sometimes, it doesn't work the. All right. So let me ask you this Steven because I think you make some valuable points and certainly we want to make sure that we're that we're sharing with our community some good action items that they can take to get them to that next level. So how do you go from being somebody that wants to be authentic I mean Truly authentic all the way through and I'm not saying that ninety five percent or five percent or one hundred percent authentic is is the only way to go I think in my in my mind I keep thinking man if I'm just conscious if I'm just aware of the surroundings that I, we have a good a good spot in my striking a good point here. Definitely, and here's the way I tend to because authenticity comes up all the time. So here's what I tell people look. You have to have your principles. You have to have your values, please stick to that. However the way you communicate that to different audiences totally different though. So let me give you an example. Most. People in the office they act one particular way, right? Leaders. Manager. Whatever the big boss right. But when they call drinking with their college buddies, they're totally different correct. Yeah. Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. Now if they were married and they went to the mother-in-law's house, do you think they're gonNA act the same way in the mother-in-law's house as they were they're college buddies nope. Nope, and if there were watching the game with some other friends or at the Game do you think they were acting the same way at the game as mother-in-law's house? No. Nope, and if they were person of worship and went to that place of worship, do you think they act the same way as the game as the in the place of worship them? Of course not of course not thank you very much. You see you have to realize what your role is. First role was a leader second ruled was a friend third low role was you either son or daughter in law false roll your fan fifth role you'll follow up some worship. So here's the key question I always ask people in the organization what role behaviors do your organization expect of you at your next level them. Money even at your current level because they they view you whether you're ready to be promoted whether you're acting like the next level though. and. If you're not even thinking of that and you're going to while, I go to shoot it like it is. Then you may be missing the Marco. So you definitely have to be aware and you you pay a lot more attention in your five percents situations then in your normal ninety, five percents. So it's it seems like from my understanding of this it's almost like the psychology of the five percent is extremely important it. It's it's kind of like going to a formal dinner and you know showing up ready for a barbecue it does not it's. Right, it doesn't fit the scenario so. Is that where most people are making mistakes when it comes to the workplace is that they are they are staying in the same costume I hate to say that way because. It's not. But sharing is showing up in the same costume regardless of the party that they're going to. You're actually. Knocked the nail on the head because many times.

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