Foods to Help Kids Focus


Good morning, everyone, and welcome to dishing up nutrition brought to you by nutritional weight and wellness. Currently, kids are back at school already didn't the summer fly by WHO Know Carolina did it summer started in March? Yes Whether. It is full time or part time in person or because of the corona virus this year, maybe your kids have taken over your dining room table threesome champion a little bit more every room. Right whatever way your kids are attending school. This year brings some very much extra challenges for both students and for the parents. So we believe it is even more important to feed your kids foods that will help them focus and learn. Yes. That is so true whether your student is in college or kindergarten food counts when you want them to have good brain power. Well Good morning everyone I am Caroline Hudson and as a Dietitian I am constantly reading and learning about how I can improve my own nutritional counseling skills. So I can help my clam clients both young and, of course, old I. Want them to feel better do better and I understand how food helps build memory and focus in children adults, and of course, even in our seniors joining me today in studio is registered and licensed. Dietitian Theresa Wagner, who is living through this unique back the school journey with her three children ages eleven nine and six and April. Actually it was. Oh Yeah. It was April right TREASA. You wrote that great blog about the challenges as a parent who is trying her best to feed her kids, healthy meals and snacks throughout. Every day right. Beside loved your line in your blog about. Quote Mom Guilt Magnus don't have that out there. I mean moms out there I think everybody's saying. We sure do whether it's about food or anything I. Think we're guilty. or at least we feel that way. Yes but I have been debt registered Dietitian. Let's see here for the past twelve years and I know this because I remember passing the RDA exam when I was very pregnant with my son my first child. So over the years I think I have had. A lot of experience just trying to feed my kids healthy foods. Yeah well, however when The order came to stay at home. What happened I was constantly hearing I'm hungry. What can I have for a snack? It's amazing at how much and how often my kids wanted to eat to be honest at first I was able to manage the situation on how often my kids wanted to eat but I have to admit that after a while I just threw up my hands in food exhaustion exhaustion and just started to say, yes to whatever they wanted to eat. Now remember I'm a Dietitian and food is very important to me. So I wasn't feeling very good about what they were choosing to eat. Yes. In the short term, I found it was easier to just let my kids eat whatever they wanted but I knew that it was not what I wanted for my kids over the long term. and. Just like any parent listening I, want to feed my kids food supports their body and their brain and as reality of this Cova situation set in I realized that we're all in the same position and we could be for many more months. So I came up with three simple insights to motivate myself and hopefully others to make good food choices a bigger priority and again. I'll share some of these insights with you in hopes that they can help you. The one of the first insights I had was. I want to see my kids healthy foods because they build strong bodies, well-functioning brains, and disease resistant immune systems. All very important reasons absolutely Ashley Right now especially right now that immune support immune systems, you have to have a really strong immune system right now, right because if we come in contact with that virus, we want to be able to fight it off or if we get it, we wanna be able to not have horrible symptoms are. Horrible reaction exactly The second insight, poor food choices like processed foods equal. Poor Focus and poor concentration. Frankly, now that I've been forced into a new role as a Teacher's assistant. A role that I'm not super excited about. I don't want learning for my kids to be more difficult for them, which in turn would make my job more difficult. But most importantly, I want learning to be fun exciting meaningful challenging. Yes. But not difficult. So that was my second insight. And third maybe the most important in the short term and kind of looking through my parenting I as poor food choices leads to poor behavior

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