Is Self-care Self-ish? That Would Be a Big, Fat NO! Diving Deep into Your Emotional Baseline

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If you do follow me on social media, you saw that I was actually in. Idaho last week and that was to film I was filming my magnetic marriage course with my friend Preston Pug Meyer and we will be introducing launching giving you so much more information about that course in the coming days weeks. So Watch out for that. It really was an incredible experience and I can't even describe the I will describe in so much detail in the coming weeks but I think. On. One of the instagram live videos Preston's wife Karen had talked about I said, we've cracked the code and really communicating better in your marriage but I also believe it's going to be communicating better with your family and your life, and that program is coming very soon and I believe that is all of the business that I want to take care of. So let's Oh let me tell. You this too. If you do want to watch the video on Youtube, I would love it. If you would hit the subscribe button I, know him now that guy subscribe like all those kinds of things but we're getting close to the number of subscribers where then youtube will put the video out there a little bit more. So I would love it if you just happen to be a Youtube Person Youtube of viewer. Dinh's Ian than. If you would just go to the virtual couch, you can even search for it in the Youtube search panel and just hit subscribe. That would be wonderful and I am so grateful for any reviews of people head to apple podcast or any other podcast APP and have a moment and can hit a rating and maybe take a couple of seconds to write the reviews that would mean the world to me so I really appreciate you doing that. So I have some amazing people that are beginning to help me behind the scenes and one of those is a wonderful friend named crystal and she is starting to put pull quotes out of the transcripts of podcast and on one of our conversations online through slack a couple of weeks ago I just said, Hey, any suggestions on podcast topics and I was grateful she had mentioned more on the emotional baseline and this is something that I used to talk about often on my podcast and I realized I, mentioned it on other episodes of other people's podcast when I've been interviewed. But my initial emotional baseline episode was I believe episode twelve, which is now about three years ago and I don't even know. How this all works. But I believe some of those old at the virtual couch are no longer available on things like apple podcasts. So I wanted to do another episode on the virtual couch on the concept of the emotional baseline because this was really a game changer for me and it is something that I don't know a better way than to. Say I made this up. I think a better strength based way would be to say that I created this emotional baseline concept over a decade ago when I was still just a shiny brand-new therapist, I was a couple of years into my internship and this concept has moved forward as a matter of fact, this is the next book that I am being. Blessed fortunate to work on and so I just wanted to go over the concept of emotional baseline. Again, it's a way to really give yourself or allow yourself self care the permission for self care because I said in the intro I hear often that people put themselves last or they feel like self care is selfish I work with a lot of people that feel like if they do anything for themselves, that's prideful or that they're not doing something right and so I wanNA address that today. But so first let's take a trip back in time machine and I want to talk about the genesis or the origin of the emotional baseline. So long ago again, this was over ten years ago I was working with a client that was doctor physician, and he at that time was in a pretty difficult marriage as a matter of fact, when I remember this, we would talk about all kinds of new skills things. He'd never been to therapy before and I it was well before I realized how difficult or challenging it can be if someone is coming in to work on the. Relationship but only one person is interested in working on the relationship and I remember back in that time I thought okay. Is One I talk to maybe his wife one time then she will want to come in and we'll work on this together and that was again early on in my therapy career and I had reached out to his wife and I wish i.

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