U.K. leader tightens up COVID restrictions as virus surges back


Prime Minister Boris Johnson has set out a raft of new corona virus restrictions which could continue. Into next spring or even summer but many have criticized Westminster for sending out muddled messages at a time when communication and unity around the issue is desperately important. Terry's destiny. The political journalist and author joins me on the line now, Terry Good morning to you and thanks for coming on. Now, it's quite unusual for the prime minister to address the nation directly. But this is the third time Johnson's done it, and at least one newspapers dubbed him a pound shop Churchill. What was the tone of the speech? Was He trying to be Churchillian? I think he was trying to repeat. This was a scripted thing. He was trying to rein in his natural sort of flamboyant tendencies if you like if you watched it, you could almost see or since he had his fists in front of him and he kept moving his hands and and almost trying to stop himself again. So I, think he was trying to stick. To a script, but it was it sounded like the speech of somebody who was trying to persuade those who were still very skeptical that things like more mosque wearing when necessary at one point he said he was deeply spiritually reluctant to bring in more restrictions. Now, you might question how much how deep Boris Johnson's general spiritualism goes, but he certainly is somebody who doesn't normally like. To Stop People doing things that they want to do. So it was very much he was saying I know you probably don't want to have to do this. You don't want to have to have more restrictions but I'm afraid you're going to have to and I think one of the things that surprise me given how much build up there had been. Over the last couple of days to the announcement, the done I in the House of Commons. And then on television last night is how little he actually did having sent out the government's chief medical officer, the chief scientist to tell us how serious this wasn't a show us all sorts of ominous graphs, forecasting huge rises in number of cases and numbers of hospitalizations, and then to have Cobra meeting. Then to speak to all the other nations have a cabinet have a House of Commons statement. He didn't actually announce very much even the some of the papers of described this as both barrels and A. Strict, me things these are really measures at margin. What are they in fact? What are the new restrictions? So the news stations having been told at the beginning of September that we should all go back to the office where we could The suggestion is now that people should work from home where they can, which has after all been the advice over the last several months and many people were still quite reluctant to go back into offices He is bringing in a ten. PM. Curfew in pubs and restaurants. So you will have to leave a pub or bar or a restaurant often by ten o'clock at the latest. and. That's going to be apparently quite more strictly enforced. The fines will increase for not wearing a mask, not obeying rules when you're told to and they again to bring in also more mask-wearing more widely say for instance, if you are in public restaurant the rule until now you haven't had to wear a mask at all but now you will have to wear one when you're not actually sitting down table. Eating or drinking and other things will be postponed for instance, like the reopening of sports grounds, and there's been a big outcry about that because many people hoping to get sports, grounds and other big venues back to opening

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