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You may be excited about that new apple, what series five, the one that can read your blood oxygen levels. Well fine. So what are you GonNa do with your Old Watch The same thing that you do with the old phones Hannam down or maybe get a trade and get some money for them. Well, just like the used phone market, there's now a cottage industry for used watches. You can probably pick up about forty percent of the retail price. If you go to a bunch of sites, I'm here to tell you all about them today trade more in declutter offer about some of the best pricing that I've seen for instance. Last year's Apple Watch, which originally sold for four hundred dollars with a forty millimeter watch face or five hundred dollars or five hundred dollars. If you added the cellular connectivity, I see prices about two hundred dollars for the top of the line while trade more will give you even more like to fourteen. Now, a lot of people bought the series three watch because it's cheaper originally sold for forty dollars and as of last year got lower down to two hundred bucks. So you can you'll be lucky to get seventy five to a one hundred dollars for it. What about the Samsung? Watches while the new one sells for three, sixty, nine, the game watch three Samsung itself will give you one hundred sixteen dollars off as a trade in with a trait in of on galaxy phones tablet or a previous watch. You won't get as much for the watch on declutter only about fifty bucks. An apple will also give you a trade in they won't give you cash will you trade? They say they'll pay up to about two hundred, forty dollars for the series five or up to one hundred dollars for series three before shipping your watch off to one of these sites. Apple reminds you that you gotta take all the data off how do you do it? Well, there's two ways. One is to open up the watch APP on the phone. Go to the my watch tab tap all watches than the info next the watch and choose unpaid Apple Watch that will wipe it an easier way to do. It might be just do it on the watch itself by clicking settings general reset, erase all content and

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