The Cultural and Ecological Implications of the Salep Orchid Trade


Take those steps in and do something professionally with your career to actually. Contribute to the world of conservation, which brings us to the topic of Salad, and if anyone listening has heard of salad at all is probably as an ingredient, which is interesting. Because often times I hear people saying, Vanilla is the only culinary viable orchid on the planet, which is not true. So let's talk about sal up what is it? What is it used for, and where does it come from? When Salad Salad? Actually, it's not only an arcade ashamed Larkin it's like a big group of four kids. If you go through literature, you can find more than thirty five species. SLEAFORD Silane it's also depending on when a whether you are what exactly two different species or group species in Greece different one in Turkey or other countries. So when we talk about the If we see all the countries together faced in weekend, say that the most common once belonged to Janet like or he's like that filariasis also mccown. And infected, maybe it's off races when. So what's smoke one between solid core kids as their root system they most often have obeyed Bob's or? Huber's along one that look like little fingers. If. You see those on the rises. So this is actually a a salad porchet and being driven is coming through the dried and ground Cuba's that's what you get the. Fowler and the Susan Shelley Different. If you see, for example, in Greece, they like days they're just washed with water and dry. But if you go to Durkin also boy in either walking on me, it depends on very Jim. So that's what's giving you the final product of salad father. In what is sell generally used in? I mean, if someone's looking to see if it's an ingredient, what kind of food are they looking at generally or is it a lot just like the orchids that gives us it If you look at it as any greeted Bailey actually there are a lot of things you can find it most often is the traditional beverage. Back. The. Actually it's not always clear product that sometimes makes the cornstarch. Bob Is the one that you make the beverage hot beverage also techie you can find the acid thickening ingredient for they additional ice cream called on the. One that stick you on. an increase is also used or traditional ice cream, but this call, Kai Mikey by this mixed with mustard powder. The one that comes from the must be healthy. So this is more I don't mind. And less. But issue see that he starts Suzanne Masters you can not a fine sapping the most stains places even as an ingredient or bombs. So. Mrs I leave. I much. Boy. While an okay. So these are all terrestrial orchids for anyone that's not familiar with the Genera, and when you talk about harvesting routes, that immediately brings to mind issues that we have with harvesting plants here in North America for instance, panics and high dressed us. Those are two plants that are highly sought after further routes, but the very act of pulling up a plant. By. Its roots kills it right. So this is where you can kind of see the connection with conservation. If you're harvesting the roots of a plant, you're you're taking its life away from it right and so that's where you start to come into issues with biodiversity endangerment with a lot of these orchids correct yet because the production of Saleh Pro Juarez, the use of the entire. Plans. So basically in the overwhelming majority of aces harvesting salad means the destruction of the orchestras selves. Now to make one kilo solid requires a by two and a half thousand plans. To the half thousand individuals, Wallin kilo. Of. Salam powder ouch. Yeah. That's a lot of orchids. Now, if you think about one cup of sal but of the equivalent to Cappuccino or something but drinking salad beverage. you need five grams for that. So if you do the math works as Iran thirteen plans for a single cup of salad drink. Does a pretty expensive kind of process in terms of of orchids. and. There are certain people told you know taking one of the to chew birds and putting the other back but all this is all this is just talk really because the amount of work required harvesting these things it's very hard were, and that's one of the reasons why are studied we found a lot of people that actually stopped elected. Elected Saleh. But It's a bypass were talking about something between. Ten. In Turkey and the launch ed very variable. The amount of used something between twenty and AC tones in a single year. Yeah. And that I remember talk from Professor Cramps Zeke, he mentioned that every year and thirteen one, hundred, twenty, million arcades are being kids in order to produce missile of the year. So it's like a tremendous amount of individuals and as able say that it is like you're actually bringing up a whole mountain that say a huge number. Yeah and again, we wouldn't be talking about conservation here. If this was something that was produced agriculturally, right these are all being taken from the wild they're harvested and those numbers are mind blowing I had no idea what we were getting into when. We started talking about this just in terms of quantity and like you said, it's not just the fact that they're pulling these plants out of the ground and them for this it's your digging the whole time you're also disrupting habitats and that's something I never see talked about when it comes to harvesting foraging anything like that is the fact that if you're digging things up your

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