Oversight group finds Seattle officer didn’t mean to pepper spray child at protest; family attorneys speak out

KUOW Newsroom


Attorneys for the father and child who were pepper sprayed by Seattle police say the result of the department's internal. Investigation. Are Not Enough K. you wo W's Amy Radel reports Mondo Avery and his son were pepper sprayed during protests against police violence in May. Their attorneys say they are disappointed but not surprised by the determination that the use of pepper spray did not violate Seattle Police Department policies the investigation by the Office of Police Accountability said the boy suffered a wrong but it was inadvertent and the. Officer did not commit misconduct. The statement from attorney David on behalf of the family says, if SPD policy allows an innocent child to be struck by pepper spray, that policy should be changed. It adds that OPA's investigation did not address whether the officers could've taken steps to prevent what happened Owens an attorney. James Bible say they intend to file a lawsuit since that incident, the city council and the federal courts have both acted to constrain SPD's of crowd control. Weapons Amy Radel K. U. O. W. News.

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