Wall Street slumps as tech stocks again leads decliners


Stocks. Sank to six week lows in about of broad selling with the S. and P. Five hundred slipping more than one percent for its third straight decline and all eleven SNP sectors ending in the red. The Nasdaq composite also fell one percent as investors continued to dump shares of high flying tech companies. Apple. Fell more than three percent capping a seventeen percent plunge so far this month that has also seen declines in Alphabet Amazon facebook Microsoft and Net flicks. Activity related to options, expiration and president. Trump's decision to prohibit downloads of TIKTOK and we chat after Sunday likely exacerbated the days downward momentum. In the in, it was a third straight week of losses with the S. and P. Five, hundred shedding point seven percent and the Nasdaq dropping point six percent while the Dow fell just playing one percent.

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