Serena Williams upset by Victoria Azarenka at US Open


So. Niamey's soccer took place in the final and that point. ENACT COVERAGE ON BBC radio we switched from our digital station sports, extra five, which is the network station and. We went big on Serena. Williams against Victoria as a Aranka. Which I have to say I started to think well, it can't possibly live up to what we've just seen in you just Kant. And the first point of the match. Serena. Williams on leashes a four hundred. The almost didn't. It couldn't be tracked by the the camera because it went so fast and it just went out but it felt like such a statement immediately, the I am going to just destroy every tennis bullet comes near me. And I felt like that my of slight rattled as a Aranka just the the shift force integration that was that was hit with. An immediately to breaks of serve to. Serena. Four games to love she led. Won The set six one. and. I don't know about you. But my name was it feels like we've just got an a time machine and back ten twelve years to when Williams was in twenty. It's the way she was running the movement. She was all she was moving right now soccer she's nearly thirty nine and she's hitting the living daylights out of the ball an and it really wobbled as Anka who started just Tara what did you think? Katherine Oh. Yeah it was blistering utterly blistering and I think it was a a mock of the respect that Serena Williams has. Victoria as rancor because her starts Serena have been Radi. Ready. Sluggish. And she's played some really good plays and she says improper tests but I think she needs she simply could not get away with that today. I think a mindset shifted completely. Am I don't know how I don't I genuinely don't know how you can just sort of decide i. I can't get away with doing that today. So I won't. Thing why you why couldn't you trick yourself over into thinking that every day but overseas? Just doesn't psychology doesn't work like that but. She. Yeah. She couldn't afford to give Victoria as. That lead and take her time to work her way into the match as she has been doing. and so she went to completely the other end of the spectrum and made. Pretty much as blistering start tennis match as I have seen as I've seen Serena making in recent memory, it was. It made my eyes Bogle out of my head. At moments. Really did it was like she? Convinced herself that Seraing was Sharapova. I mean how many times we've seen Serena come out with that intensity and that that or against Charipova and just make mincemeat of her certainly within the first set, and that's what she did to as their income in the first set she was. Unbelievably good as you said, crunching the ball moving fantastically and not allowing as incur any chance to set or what. So ever because she was serving well. So kind of dominating the points on her serve and then she was returning as in cassette could serve so strongly and. This was the Serena that I've kept expecting to see this tournament but i. I was beginning to doubt whether she had that level of tennis in her to be honest because I thought I thought we might see Sloan. Stevens I, thought we might see it against Zachary thought we might see against Perron Covi-, kept expecting. To raise her level in this tournament and. She was saving it for today it seemed and as you said I, don't know how you can turn that tap on and off and have control. Today I just. Will be extra. Mom is lengthy. It was like the very revealing candid. Enlightening. pre-match interview with Victoria as Aranka. where she was asked about her poor record against Serena in grand, slams, what do you need to do to get the win tonight? Play better. or or I? will she treated about for match interview with the contempt? It deserves it was. It was great.

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