Yeah, number 40. Which one is never bored. It's until tonight, Hampshire the tilt in house of pizza.


Be pizzeria. Regina, it isn't Regina. This time they went with SAN TARP EOS Uh, okay. Yeah, It's always that debate where Gina or Santa are pose, and then Tokyo's makes a great pizza. And the first time you ever order pizza. I don't know. I don't know if they do. It turned cold with time right now. When the order a pizza for pick up at 10 top eels in the original location, you walk into the kitchen. It's sort of a weird thing. He also you see this door and you think you're in the wrong place like you walked into the wrong side of the restaurant, But it's sort of our amazing thing. They don't do a lot of their menu there 10 top EOS But it's It's always up at what they do. They do do well. Look, I've

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