The return to campus


Start this week with the returned to campus. We're only a handful of days away from the annual internal migration of students to their universities and amid rising cases of covid nineteen in the so-called affluent, young. We are asking what the returned to campus looks like in two thousand, nine, hundred, ninety. What can we expect in the next few weeks? She thinks Ho- Well What can we expect in? Wish I knew and I, think that's basically the problem. We don't know what to expect. I think as we the great migration as it's been cold, the docking of a cruise ship in city center says. The comparing it to to cad high. We've seen all ladies, Mexico. But the reality is we just die I mean that's not to say that universities across land haven't worked incredibly hard to make that campuses as Covid ciphers that can onto put in place kind of set of programs and welcomes and whole semesters in years worth of a new curriculums and Goal See to. To make this year as good as it can possibly be the reality is you know we're crossing fingers and hoping the Hoping that things go as well as possibly can. And others on one K. of have. Really put a lot of actor into understanding that guidance. And, of course, we know that at eighteen minutes past one this morning. Or yesterday morning depending on when you're listening to the PODCAST. The updated guidance finally dropped into universities inboxes. Alongside kind of updated track and trace guide full effort universities are basically as you say, acting this weekend silence everybody I think from ministers, vice-chancellors to parents to students. Are Hoping for the best. And an an really none of them know what's going to happen and we'll just the systems put in place I can account with whatever does happen every obviously You know one of the things certainly, I put in the you know the blog rarely this morning when sucked them look at the guidance while. In truth. We the runaway train was already a runaway try by which I mean we're going to try and reopen campuses months some months ago. and. I. Think it's interesting. It still not really clear that that's a good idea. But to some extent we are going with and we're trying to make the best of it and I I can't recall can whether it still a good idea? I think it probably is I mean, if we consider the fallout from closing schools and stopping exams I think there must be a parallel. You know having a million mostly young people sitting around with nothing particularly to do. Doesn't feel to me like a good idea. I also just wanted to say I really hope that some inspiring commencement, a speeches, this term. Students are not only joining the scholarly community at their university, but they're also joining kind of scholarly covert, aware and covid responsible community university i. felt a bit that the coverage has been very heavily tilted towards what universities could and should do but the needs to be a bit of a balancing call to arms from students. You know after all who are adults even if some of them quite young adults but I think they're old enough to understand that we are we on the middle of the global pandemic I can't have everything might. Want or expect more normal times and they've got pull their weight to and I. Actually I've got huge faith in young people's ability indeed that desire potentially to moderate their behaviour and their expectations I really hope that universities will also concentrate on kind of motivating and inspiring their students to become part of the covert solution and not become part of the covert problem.

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