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What this team can do. The bengals are thirty and twenty two impasse home openers including thirteen and thirteen years when the team opens its regular season home. And for the bengals six four in the last ten home openers. Now, historically, if you win your first game. Ten Times at fourteen, you'll qualify for postseason and that's about seventy one and a half percent. With the bengals winning the opener. So. Definitely. A good game on TAP. And I definitely think the Bengals have enough. To pull it out. Now, let's talk about the reds and FC Cincinnati wrap up episode one, eighty one. Wanted to make this a short episode just because yes, I have more stuff to do after this. Louis. Casteel picks up his first win. He picked it up against the pirates last week. He's now one in five and he's set to start this game at Saint Louis. Cardinals have had the reds number. This shortened season they'll be going it's Adam wainwright who's four zero and two point six, eight era guess steal one, five, three, point nine, five year. Definitely. Didn't think that Casteel will be Owen five before picking up his first win. So. Let's look at the standings. Registers recently dropped the series in Chicago against the cubs and that puts. The C H C squad three games up on second-place Saint Louis. So definitely, big series for Saint Louis as well. There are three back of the cubs first, but they have a wildcard spot. The five and five last ten they have a run differential plus twenty seven. And at Busch Stadium, the cards are ten and nine. against. Teams. That are greater than five hundred, they're nine and eleven. Thousand Nine, hundred eighteen the kernels are there in second place there to up on third place Milwaukee, nineteen twenty two cincinnati fourth place by three and a half games over Pittsburgh Nineteen, and twenty, five, three and a half out of the wildcard spot and Pittsburgh Fourteen and twenty seven, ten back of I and seven out of a wildcard spot. Reds. Have a negative twenty seven run differential. And Trevor Bauer mentioned why this press is media meetings.

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