Full Auto Friday - Round 18 - Thoughts on 9/11

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One of them is very limited in numbers because there was an issue with the blank. So I am making more that happens to be the one that is printed with the reflective INC which looks awesome. Actually looks even better in person and I'll leave it at that. You want to start the podcast in literally I well, I guess it'd be figuratively because it's not a a flag. If you WANNA fly the flag and helped me promote show Like I said go get a t shirt weird around when people ask you clear hot is. Yeah make something up. Make it sound good. Make it sound better than it is which should be that hard and on that note, let's get into this. Smoke. What Seeing. The smoke I'm looking at danger close now. Coming. Good Morning, Ladies and gentlemen. Here we are. Round seventeen a full out of Friday. Today is. September eleventh. Twenty. Twenty. A day. Not This Day particularly but September eleventh has a huge meaning in my life. It changed the trajectory of my life and many other people's lives. and. I receive an email actually yesterday. On. The topic of nine eleven. So I'm going to read the email because it has some questions at the end and then I think today I'm just GonNa Dedicate this episode. To my thoughts. On September eleventh and What it has meant to me hopefully, what it has meant other people in where I think we should go from here. The email reads. My birthday is nine eleven. It was a horrible birthday that year. My brother lived in New, York, city at that time in worked in Manhattan as so many others, I was extremely worried about his safety. Fortunately, he was nowhere near Ground Zero and safe. That can't be said for so many others that were in the towers and responded to try and help those that were trapped. It horrible to watch and even more horrible for so many families that lost loved ones that day or they're soon after it still makes me extremely sad thinking about it. So many years later. Ever since then I have tried to do something fun for my birthday most of the time I have succeeded but this year I've been thinking as most people have about rights and freedoms. With all the protests, riots, politics and other bullshit it's hard to have a clear perspective time. I was listening to a podcast the other day featuring Kevin Owen. He's an American citizen that grew up in Northern Ireland served in the Irish. Came to America and joined the American army and became a citizen he spoke of growing up in Northern Ireland. They had to hunt to put food on their table. Fortunately either already had a shotgun and twenty two. Apparently you had to apply for a permit firearm there. When Kevin's brother went to apply? He had to go to the local police station. The police chief just looked at him and said, no. That story made me think of how extremely lucky we are in the United States of America. To have the freedoms we have and how extremely lucky we have the ability to vote for change to speak freely about what we believe worship freely the God that we choose and the opportunity to have a better life. So to my question. You have traveled widely, can you speak to the lack of freedoms? In other countries or what people in other countries experience voting rights, women's rights hatred of one tribe towards the other exploration. I. Just think as a country we need a reminder of how good we have it, and also that because of that, we can work to make it better for all because so many people around the world do not have that opportunity. Thanks, Tom. In most days when I. Do these episodes were QNA I Screen shot the question and just throw it on my laptop and I, read it and I'll give my answer based off the top of my head today though. I felt it was deserving to take the time to sit down and write some notes out not that the other questions aren't deserving. But I just think in that format, I can kinda rapid fire. Like I said nine eleven had a huge impact on my life. So Tom, I'm going to do the Best I can to answer your question and explain what This Day means to me and what it has meant on the anniversary every year for the last nineteen years. And I have to start with. The realization that I no longer recognize the person that I was when I was twenty three years old. That is how old I was when I watched the second airplane go live into the World Trade Center. And at that moment in my life, and at that phase in my life, I was relatively certain that I had just about everything dialed in.

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