NYC restaurateurs proceed with lawsuit despite plans to reinstate some indoor dining


Against New York's mayor Bill de Blasio, as well as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo over New York City's indoor dining. It'll still be heard in court. Despite the announcement this week that endured dining can resume. Assemblywoman Nicole Mallow Takis, his backing restaurant owners, and she says indoor dining is at 50% capacity across New York state, except in New York City, where it will be 25% when it resumes September. 30th New York City's being discriminated against in treated differently, and there is a double standard. We meet the metrics like every other municipality. Robert Hanley manages Bocelli restaurant on Staten Island. It's a terrible business model to operate under right now, and we could not keep ourselves afloat much longer with the 25% model. Not his correspondents Got Pringle reporting for 38.

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