2020 Fall Movie Preview


Hi everybody I am Peter Travers and welcome to this special edition of Popcorn where creed you all the movies opening between Labor Day and New Year's Eve I know wait what aren't we in a pandemic Will really be moved this fall and theaters to show them in I mean the answer to both those questions is a huge. Yes. Sixty two percent of all US theaters are open now and there's going to be more to come covid permitting, of course, and those movies that can't make it to the multiplex will be available for rental or streaming in sickness and in health people, you can't keep a good movie down. So let's start with the blockbusters that are out there. Number one is tenant. Brain Teasing epoch from Dark Knight Director. Christopher. Nolan. That's geared to fire up the fall season and in theaters and with your mask and distancing in place you can strap in for this kind of Christopher Nolan throw ride and watch the spy master he's played by John David Washington give James Bond a run for his money you know you just have to. Get your head around the physics in this movie. Maybe don't know about how you can go forward and backwards in time at the same time I don't know either I was a little confused by that but you'll be glued to the visual miracles that are on screen here every cent of tenants two, hundred, million dollars production budget shows up onscreen Eisele popped. Jaw dropped pulses. Oh, pound all that good stuff movies and back baby. So what else do we have? We have Moulin which is out there right now and you'll check in Disney plus to watch this because it's not in theaters but you can rent it and you could see live action film of the Disney animated hit about a young woman who disguises. Herself as a man to replace her sick father in the Imperial Army the new moon is not musical and there's no comic relief from eating Murphy as the Voice of a fast talking dragon named Moo Shu. This is not that kind of movie. There's no whitewashing but using Western actors in the drawn from Chinese legend and as Rouland the astounding Lou ye. Leads in Asian cast that includes martial arts icon jet. Li is the emperor up and China's leading actress Gong Li as shape shifting witch who teaches on how to survive and prosper in a man's world. Look move on is not your typical princess. She's a warrior fighting for her place in the world prepare to be well. Next up wonder woman one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, four, the sequel to the two thousand seventeen smash that made a star of Gal. Gadot, remember her places the DC comics immortal wonder woman into the cold. War where she does battle with the media tycoon played by Pedro Pascal and the villainous Cheetah played by Kristen Wiig always to me an asset in any movie Chris. Pine also returns Steve Trevor The American. Pilot that one woman loves I know didn't he die the last time during World War? One people you gotta go with this this is Hollywood. So if we can borrow wonder woman's last sube truth for a moment, credibility isn't the issue here. It's the show stopping stunts engineered by returning director Petty Jenkins executed by Godot, and she's a formal Israeli military structure. So you know you're in for a really good time. Next up is black widow look wonder woman has competition already. You know we've been waiting since spring for Marvel to let its first solo black widow epic out of storage and into theaters. Now, the wait is over Scarlett. Johansson is back in action as Natasha Romanoff Aka black widow. She's the Russian assassin with no superpowers road just skills she's like the female Batman this Prequel looks back, Arjun story in it's a doozie forints pugh is there as Natasha, surrogate says sister and Rachel Vice is the leader of this black widow organization. It's not just one black widow you can become a black widow tells witness business. So Watch your back wonder woman next up candyman there's nothing like the Primo horror. Film to get us all back in the dark of a theater where we can scream bloody hearts out behind a mask of course, end with get outs Jordan peele writing the screenplay. This direct sequel to nineteen ninety two's cult fright fest stars Watchmen Emmy nominee Jadu Martine the second as a visual artist drawn back to those housing projects in Chicago's Cabrini-green where he was born now the whole place is gentrified beyond recognition but the green is still haunted by Candyman Tony Todd an urban legend who still kills anyone who summoned him by saying his name five times. Okay. Altogether now with me candyman candyman candyman candyman candyman, we did it. So I'm looking around here to see if some him up. Okay next up no time to die look no red blooded movie Fan is GonNa Think of missing Daniel. Craig's fifth and final outing James Bond you know for my money Craig and Sean Connery are in dead heat for the best bond ever. This one directed by Kerry from Gonzaga who did true detective from Script Co written get this by sleeping bags phoebe Wall Rich Daniel Craig asks for her because he really wants a little feminist touch to this. This is the. Twenty fifth, all seven Cape and you know this is a record and we're GONNA lose Daniel Craig. But in the movie James Bond's been retired for five years and he gets called back in. You know that's what happens to everybody from the Godfather on. You know Bohemian Rhapsody oscar-winner. Rami ballot plays the facially scarred villain named SAFM and he's described the director as more dangerous than anyone bond has ever encounter. Man How about you?

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