You've been warned


Welcome to kits, myths, and mysteries stores of the strange and unexplained I'm your host Kit crumb today the warning. You might think that a warning from anyone to the united. States would be directed to the Capitol Washington DC or the Pentagon and not necessarily to the people but you'd be wrong almost as highly debated as UFO's our crop circles. Circular patterns have appeared wheat and corn fields across United States and around the world they've been attributed to meteor electrical storms, crop disease pranks by teens. Perhaps, the most widely speculated source for making these often complex designs are aliens or UFO's although the term crop circle wasn't coined until the early nineteen seventies the earliest reference to designs in fields. Of Grain was in sixteen, Fifty, eight in Harford Shire inland and were said to have been created by the mowing devil in nineteen ninety a dry lake bed near Oregon's steam mountains was the side of a thirteen mile long truce Janta Mandela Crop Circle this ancient design claim by many to have been created by aliens was in reality created by a local group of artists. Likewise, the crop circles that started the world's awareness of such things was created by Doug Bauer and Dave twirly who were inspired by the saucer nest case in Australia for a farmer claim to I have. Seen a UFO, then found a flattened circle of swamp reads a massive crop circle reported to be the last warning by aliens of coming cataclysms that may possibly bring our world to the brink of destruction appeared in Washington state in July two, thousand, twelve notable Russian scientists agreed on the warning while the United States government remains noncommittal on the warning aspect of the crop circles but area farmer's preparing for summers. Harvest find a distraction more amusing than alarming. You can't do anything other than laugh dotted said Cindy Gabe who owns the field along with her husband Craig you just? kind of roll with a theory aliens and your special because aliens chose your spot trends called the give on July twenty fourth when the pattern of flatten wheat was spotted off highway one, seventy, four about five miles north of the town Wilbur. The field is about ten miles south of the grand. Coulee Dam push up your reclamation says is the largest hydropower producer in the United States the circles resemble a four leaf clover and remind Cindy and Gregg Gabe of Mickey Mouse years the design knocked down about an acre of their wheat some of it could be salvaged by combines Starts in a week or two she said but some will be lost. Crop circles have been a worldwide phenomenon for decades, and this is not the first one in Lincoln county similar circular patterns were left in crops in the Wilbur. In Twenty, ten and twenty, eight and online. There were no signs that anyone walked into the field. We're trying to figure out how they got out there without breaking any of the wheat. It's hard to walk through. CRUNCHY wheatfield not knock it down. Gibbs said at the same time it's hard to think it's aliens. So bizarre thing to wrap your brain around like the UFO's the debate over the source of crop circles continues. But now you've been warned

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