'Infuriated' Aidan Hutchinson calls out hypocrisy by Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren


About. It's time for Kevin, Warren the Commissioner of the big ten to be transparent and. He has he has written a letter to I guess everyone wants to read it saying that the disputing some of the criticism. that saying that the vote by the big ten council of Presidents and Chancellors was overwhelmingly in support of postponing fall sports and will not be revisited. So that case is over. He went on to say the decision was thorough and deliberative based on sound feedback guidance and advice from medical experts. So there you have it. he has answered his critics and there are many out there who have wondered exactly what is going on? There's also another story breaking Simultaneously Pizza reporting that the NCW Division One council. decided today that falls sports student athletes can compete in any amount of competition is this year and it will not count as a season of eligibility. So. If I'm if I'm reading that correctly I think somebody correct me. If I'm wrong that's say this is a free season and I know I've talked to a lot of parents the young it starts to be approved by the Board of governors but a lot of young. Players have disputed that this should count since there are a number of the the number of games. Last of fact that there will be limited fan. So a lot of things happening right now as we continue here. During the final hour of the program, let's continue and talk to Kerry who was in Mississippi hello good. Afternoon. Are you talking to carry? Yeah I'm sorry Jerry. You are next

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