‘Golden Girls’ House Sells For More Than $4M In Brentwood Los Angeles


House. Remember, it was on the market. It sold for over a million dollars above asking price is which is her crazy, And there was some rumors that Betty White maybe bought it. I didn't know that rumor. Yeah, she didn't. Some people are wondering of HDTV bought it because they bought the Brady Bunch house back in 2018. But the word is that no celebrity bought it, but they spent $4 million to get this house. Which is on ly 2900 Square feet, and it's just the exterior to this on the golden girls. The inside of the house was a set in Los Angeles. Yeah, the exterior of the house is in Los Angeles. Oh, the whole thing is driven by it. That's why it's in. It's in L A than that last bite so expensive golden girls in L. A. I was like a wild house in Florida. Sell them. Yeah, but the specs on ever I've been tricked. No, such a door. Three million And it's all for forces. Someone really, really wanted it. I'm such a dope to think that

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