New York Mets' DeGrom and Yankees' LeMahieu Both Placed on Injured List


Jacob. degrom the mets we all know Jacob degrom, but he was crash from his start on Friday. With a against the phillies with some next stiffness, he'll start his planning on starting against the marlins Miami and you know. I'm surprised actually pitching to be completely honest because. The season is pretty much I. Mean I guess that he would be. He would basically just be doing it so he could get paid at this point, but I mean he would get his prorated salary regardless if he was playing or not at the mets are nine and fourteen therefore games out of the. Four Games out of the East lead they've already lost one two of their best players with marcus, stroman and Noah syndergaard. Know. Why he would even play. It doesn't look like the mets are really going to be doing anything in the division. So. I mean. A. Whole I'll just come back through another game and then and then pretty much just opt out of the season if I were him but. You know he's he's out there playing and he's doing a great job this season and you know you gotta come you got you give him his props for endlessly fighting for the New York mets even then they haven't. You know they've been trying to hold onto whatever relevancy they've had since the I think it was Twenty Sixteen World Series, Twenty Fifteen, twenty, six world series when they lost to the Kansas city royals but alongside him another one in another player from the Bronx went down this weekend. Dj Lemay Hugh. Aaron Boone said the digital mayhew is going to be out for about two to three weeks. He was placed on the ten day de L. With thumbs strain. Suffered it just on a swing in the fourth innings. Nathan you've all the which is not. Not a good sign for the New York Yankees but I mean they're they brought up Miguel and do hard their defense is going to go down but their offense will stay. Will stay you know. Fairly even Keel for the most part I would say they would go down a little bit because Dj here's a four hundred hater and Miguel Angel Harz in anything like that. But I think M Miguel and do Haro. You'll love the at a little bit more power to the lineup. And? They'll lose a little bit of the base but I mean they're they're crews in right now. So I mean it's not going to hurt the Yankees a little too much.

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