Determining Your One Thing with Gary Keller


Gary Keller is the CO founder, chairman and CEO of keller-williams maybe you've heard of them well, in fact, they're the world's largest real estate firm by agent count he's a titan of his industry he's built a dynasty. But it didn't start that way. And a Gary's, case. He was a real estate agent. With no track, record. So I didn't have any real focus in college and my dad, my sophomore year says, Hey, you probably need to get a major. So he had me that summer spin a day with a lawyer David account a with a banker with a realtor not like the real tournament went back to college and turns out they were just a major mural state. So that's how I came to get my degree allstate was the dad said, just go shadow these people. As exercise I mean most dads don't have their sons do this. So that's that's fascinating to me. He was an educator. So my mother and father were both educated so that that made sense to him. I got to college study real estate came out attributed like a job. So one of the biggest mistakes the independent contractors make is they don't treat it like a job, right they get in there for the freedom and the flexibility and the possibility of untold wealth, and what they do is they take advantage of the freedom and flexibility and they overtake advantage of it, and then they never get the wealth. It's a job it's a job. So I came out of college come to Austin I'd been here once before my. Family I didn't know anybody at the time other than a former school friend and join US Real Estate Company and start selling real estate and all I did was treated like a job that is I got up early and I went to work. So I showed up and by the way there was nobody there and literally would pull my little Volkswagen into the office and there was nobody there and I just got to work and they said look you're gonNA have to generate because we're not going to give you any clients. And of course, I went oh my gosh and they didn't talk about that in college at all. You know they talked about real estate they never said you to generate a client, right? and. So I had to go learn to Lee generate and I read some books and two classes and I went out and I saw five houses my first thirty days in a city that actually never been to write other than once and I did it just by following the books I did what they told me I. Didn't one of the mistakes that we make. I think is that we try to be creative on the front end of doing something instead of the back end and when I mean is is that I had a college professor say Gary Pretty Smart. But if you look around, you realize that people have lived before you. And you might WanNA study them before you go and try to reinvent the wheel and that had a profound impact on me because my went. Okay. So what he's saying is I, should go find out where people who are doing this the best are and just mimic them until I internalize what they're doing. So I, understand it and then I can be creative off of that but. I shouldn't go in and just be creative on the front end because what do I know it would take me years to get smart by doing it and learning from me doing it. I could really speed that up I copy and other people in the beginning. So that's really what got me going. What I came to understand was sales is helping people make good decisions and I didn't. Care in the end I had no real vested interest if the decision was not to buy or if it was to buy because I was looking for clients for life and in the short term, you would think well, I needed everyone to buy because I or or sell with me because I need to make money now but I looked up and I realized pretty quick I wanted to. Have a great career, not just a great year in the way to have a great career was to not overly emphasize the moments income focus on doing right by people they'll do right by you. Right people don't care how much you know until they care right? Did you it these mantras that are not really just mantras they're actually golden rules in philosophies about how to look at things.

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