Reds, Pirates games postponed as Cincinnati player tests positive for COVID-19


This is sports talk later for Lance Encounters for 700 wlw. By the way. Hope you had a great weekend. As of right now, we are expecting the Reds to take on the Kansas City Royals tomorrow night. In Kansas City. That'll be an 805 1st pitch. We go on the air, with the Arnell carriers inside pitch at 705 Luis Castillo is said to get the ball against Brad Keller. Trevor Bauer is now scheduled to pitch on Wednesday, followed up by Sonny Gray. In the first game of a four game series against the Cardinals in ST Louis on Thursday, this after the weekend that was lost after Friday night raids beat the Pittsburgh Pirates and then a couple of hours after the game. We find out that a player tested positive. For covert 19. Saturday's game postponed Sunday's game postponed Ah, couple of things worth pointing out here. Seafront Rosecrans, who, by the way, covers the Reds for the athletic And doesn't awesome job. I've tweeted out a link to a piece that I think will guide you through everything happening with this team right now. But since Saturday, every Reds player has tested at least three times. The players were tested. Saturday, Sunday morning and this morning. Pittsburgh Pirates. Players were also tested in Cincinnati before they flew to Pittsburgh last night. Um As of now. Based on reporting from a couple of it from people who are close to this. There's only been one positive test on the Reds, and it was the player who found out that he was testing positive work over 19 on Friday night. That player has since tested positive again. But as of now and again, there's the latest round of testing results that they have to get. No other Reds player has tested positive. The Reds have yet to fly to Kansas City. They are supposed to fly to Casey tomorrow if they're cleared to play. The player who tested positive would have to be placed on the injured list. Somebody's going to have to be brought up to take his place. The The Pirates will be here in mid September, September 14th to the 16th so there is ample time to make up. Two games They missed right now. The Reds have 40 games remaining. There are 41 days between now and September, the 27th which is the end of the regular season, and so obviously they're not playing today They're going to play 40 games and 40 days to get to 60. They already have a double header scheduled Against the Cubs next weekend. But there is not only a Pittsburgh trip to Cincinnati, but the Reds also going PNC Park and so you can make up one of the games there if you have to. But as of now, The plan is to play. Tomorrow night against the Royals. Again. All of this is very, very fluid. As we've seen with the Cardinals as we've seen with the Miami Marlins, the good news is again. After the one player tested positive with that result being released. On Friday. Reportedly. No other Reds player has subsequently tested positive and also know Pittsburgh Pirates player As of right now 6 26 on Monday night, no other Pirates player Has tested positive. So there you go, Uh 513749 7800 The big £1.700 free call AT and T. Jerry is calling from Claremont County. Hi, Jerry. Jerry. Hope something happens. Jerry. Your wine? Yeah, sure. Go. Oh, well. A little question here if one Holding him and nobody there. Miles is okay. But they prayed about because they have to get tests back from the other players to ensure that there not also testing positive. Woman get their pink. Ooh, they did that. And so there are awaiting the latest the Siri's of results and they hope to play tomorrow. The Pirates also hope to play tomorrow. Yeah, this time, noting the Reds go to Kansas City before they do that they need to get to clear And for that to happen, they want to ensure there is no other players testing positive. Your city's okay. Well, yeah. I mean, the players are routinely testing positive testing, which is why we found out that a player tested positive on Friday night. Yes. Okay. Okay. Is that all right with you? Yeah. No. There was just a bad weekend without baseball. Yeah, Wass, I I don't I can't disagree with that. Ana would do anything about it. I wanna thank you very much. Thank you. Ok, thanks. Have a good evening. You you you do the same. The Miami Marlins. You may recall after the first weekend of the year they were in Philadelphia, and then again, they had a game scheduled against the Phillies. And on Sunday morning. They found out that a number of players on that team had tested positive for Cove in 19 And instead of baseball, swooping in and stopping the Marlins from playing. Instead, the players were allowed to vote. Whether or not they play now, I'm not sure why that would ever be the case. But that's that was the plan. That was the plan baseball let the Miami Marlins players vote via text by the way. On whether or not they want to play. They did play the game that day in Philadelphia, and then As it turned out that they had close to 20 members of their traveling party. The majority were players, obviously not all of them. The majority of players that a bunch of guys in there traveling party test positive for cocaine, 19 And then it took them forever to get back on the field where baseball is trying to do. Is prevented outbreak now. It is worth wondering. This. Today is the 17th of August regular season baseball ends on September the 27th. Obviously, everybody has off days built in, so there's time if you've got to miss a couple of days. What I do kind of wonder, though. Well, I think baseball has done the right thing here and frankly, I think they did the right thing with the ST Louis Cardinals. October. When we have 16 teams in the playoffs. And we're trying to squeeze a lot of Siri's in a very tight window. And ensure that the season the post season is over before we really get to cold weather in November. What's gonna happen when we have a situation with the team in the playoffs like the one that popped up for the Reds on Friday night? Positive test and now we're not going to play for a couple of days. Not playing for a couple of days in the regular season is really not that big a deal. Not playing for a couple of days in the postseason. Could have a significant short and long term impact. More on that coming up in the seven o'clock hour at Mohagher, 15. 30 is by how you can hit me up on Twitter. One of the best players in college football is has started a petition. To try to get the big tend to play this fall. I want to know if the big 10 is gonna listen to him. I want to know if you're going to listen to him. We'll do that coming up at 6 45 but first no preseason for the Bengals this August. Which part of me is enjoying Part of me doesn't like Part of me feels for Zach Taylor. We'll do that after the 6 30 news this is sports talk Mohagher for Lance McCallister on a Monday night on 700 wlw. News, Traffic and Weather

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