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Yeah, it's it seems like a little insensitive on a few different levels we're like. Even just even just basic level. There's a bunch of parents in here. Who are like who have babies at home who are missing them a lot? Also you have Bailey in here who just a couple of weeks ago was talking about how like she would have a two year old right now If. Things hadn't happened and and in the house. That that are very tragic. And it's like glow we we need to. We need to have a baby punishment. Like the main thing here is that it's annoying and she has to get up and run. So just like we can. We can get another theme here I, think. Even like Dave van like in the house notices and it's like we have all these parents that are missing their children at home, and now I have to listen to the screaming like Christmas carrying around Christmas is going to get a segment out of this. So she's happy but everyone else like still has to deal with all bill announcements all over the house and Dave on recognized. This is not like super sensitive to everyone that's in the house. So it is like, why did they not? You know put Christmas in costume make it's Dave on brings up like make it. So that's how I is. It not his ideal punishment at all. But at least for other people, it would be like I don't even know what the entertainment value in this whatsoever. Yeah I I agree with that and it's it's just it's just a little just a little off I think. All right. So Case original are going to a TACO. Day. She she has a plan though that if she goes home in case there stays she wants case or to make Nicole I, have not next week and she wanted when he does she wants him to say this is from Gina. And there's a little bit more embellishing on there. I. Don't even know if I can see the business from Janelle coming out of case or smells let alone. The embellishments that she wants. To throw on from her but I definitely am not surprised to see John L. planting seeds before she is about to leave the house to you know get under Nicole skin from home. I can't believe she's going to blow up on me like that Y-. Nicole in other Genera will be here and Nicole will still be upset about how will not leave her alone why

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