A 5 to 10 minutes silent lunch


A 5 to 10 minutes silent lunch and then have the appropriate time outdoors for recess to be kids run around and have fun. And Gromit says If kids can eat outside, that's even better. He also said folks should be prepared for someone to eventually test positive that their child's school but to have faith that all of these preventative measures will stop the spread of the virus. I'm Colombian from 12 knows Good morning at 6 40 Go to the road boys again. Getting traffic shattered once again with John Hamlet, get a handle on the flow of things from the National Crime Prevention Council to crash in Roger Williams. Way accurate. You two in North Kingstown, causing delays. Traffic at 95 north bound up from root for towards Thurber's Avenue is still in the clear Both sides of 95 looking good through the S curves in tuck it with

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