Against the U. S. Postal Service


The Netflix documentary Siri's Cheer now facing child pornography charges, Jerry Harris was arrested on Thursday accused of trying to solicit sex with a minor. Comes three days after a twin boys filed a lawsuit alleging that Harris sent them sexually explicit photos off himself. Harris will remain in jail over the weekend after a judge ordered him to return for a detention hearing. Monday morning. Ah federal judge now promising to block changes made by the post office that have slowed down mail delivery so that judge saying that he'll issue a nationwide injunction against the U. S. Postal Service ruling. Changes made by the postmaster general have made mail delivery slower and less efficient. He also called the changes politically motivated in his opinion, accusing the president and the postmaster general of trying to disenfranchise voters. Jobless claims continued to decline across the U. S. But the US Labor Department still reports 860,000 Americans did file for first time unemployment benefits last week, however, that is down from the week before, and the number of continuing claims also down in Alabama 800 people filed for unemployment benefits last week. That is down by about 100 from the week before. A small group of people who call themselves

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