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Tuesday. Rob Hart, NEWSRADIO 105.9 FM. Canadian scientists have developed a less invasive Corona virus test designed specifically for kids. 4 to 19 years of age. Dr. Bonnie Henry is a health officer in British Columbia, describing how it works. This is a new sailing gargle where you put a little bit of normal sailing, so that sterile water in your Moz you swish it around a little bit and is fitted into a little to the province partnered with a local company to develop the test. A report on how long Chicagoans can be expected to live Spotlights a racial divide, who study from the Chicago Health Department says the life expectancy for white Chicago residence is nine years longer than for blacks and the overarching reasons include segregation and systemic racism. Specifically, the report cites chronic diseases as the largest contributor with the city's gun violence as the second leading reason for the disparity. The report also mentions how covert 19 race through minority communities, killing and infecting residents there at higher rates and in white neighborhoods. Bob Conroy News radio 105.9 Cook County Republicans have been stymied in an effort to block the state's expanded vote by mail option unsupported speculation about that. Henschel criminal conduct is have. US District Judge Robert Tao describes the lawsuit by the Cook County GOP. The party filed suit last month, claiming changes made by the Legislature and governor Pritzker about voting during the pandemic would allow ballot harvesting is part of a partisan scheme. The judge says the election code does not permit just anyone to return to voters ballot or to systematically collect but failed to submit Republican ballots. The Tribune reports. Tao is a Bush appointee who's been on the bench for 13 years and see Hardy these radio 105.9 FM. The fire scarred Santa Cruz Mountains in California now face risks for mudslides, and it won't take much precipitation to trigger a problem. Jason Hoppin is a spokesperson for the county. You can get landslides with as little as a quarter inch of rain. In fact, we've had crews up there. Kind of inspecting some of the areas and the dirt is already starting to

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