Round one is classic. British sitcoms. Number One. What was the name of the fictional holiday come featured in the nine thousand nine hundred Sitcom Heidi high. Number two. Which Sitcom of the late nineteen eighties and early nineties revolved around the Ambrose family and the characters that frequented their Bob Shop Peckham. Number three. Which Sitcom at the nineteen seventies featured a landlord called Rupert. Spinster. The roof, a medical student Alan and Philip. Self identified some of an African tribal chief. Number Four. Which alternative comedian played Tory backbencher Allen starred in the New Statesman. Number. Five Which Sitcom at the nineteen seventies had a theme tune but incorporated into its opening bars the show's title in Morse Code. Round two is the letter P in geography. So all answers here begin with the letter p. Number six. Situated in the Caribbean Sea which unincorporated territory of USA has long been discussed for inclusion as the first fifty first of the US states. Number. Seven. which Spanish city the second largest of the Basque region is famous for its annual running of the Bulls event. NEBR-. In which region of South America shared internationally by Argentina and Chile is there an estimated population of between fifteen hundred and five thousand speakers of the Welsh language? Night. which subregion of Oceania is prized of thousands of Pacific islands including Tonga Summer under Cook Islands.

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