Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce: Stay small, stay safe this holiday weekend



Atlanta Chamber of Commerce as a warning this Labour day weekend wfsb Sandra Paris Paris reports. reports. It's It's about about the the size. size. Of Of holiday holiday gathering. gathering. Stay Stay small small Stay Stay safe. safe. That's That's the the message message by by the the mentor mentor chamber chamber to to hopefully hopefully avoid avoid another another uptick uptick and and positive positive Corona Corona virus cases After this weekend, I've seen a spike after every major holiday. So yes, we are very nervous about this Monday. Coming cab District Health director Dr Sander Ford says. You should keep gatherings under 10 and still practice safety measures. Like wearing mask washing hands frequently and staying 6 FT. Apart. It doesn't mean you can't gather. It just means you need to be thoughtful about how you get Sandra Parish 95.5 double US speak

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