1110 Grant Norwood: How You Can Get Involved In Oil & Gas


To help your everyday passive investor get involved in what is one of the most lucrative but inaccessible industries in the world. It's not unusual for those that he works with to see returns of over twenty percent, not yearly monthly I. I really I really am very interested in hearing what this is all about very curious to talk oil gas and other investments with today. Welcome grant to the Nice. Guys on business podcast. Thank you doug. Lodge, have any I am excited to have you here with what part of the country are you in right now I'm in Arlington Texas current. So you're you're urine oil and gas man is that correct? That sounds like that's what? You call it. Yes. So tell me what are these words scoop and Stack I've never heard of him. I know what I would think scoop is a scoop of ice cream and a stack of records but I'm sure that those are not what you're thinking. So what are scoop and stack and what do they have to do with oil and gas? So the scoop and sack or two notorious basins in Oklahoma. So the scope began the south central oil province and the stack being the you know sooner trend so you know those two. are prominent areas for horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing. I spent many years there helping landowners figure out exactly what they own and what they were do from oil companies when a company proposed well on their property and you know for the average guy that inherited, you know ranch out in Oklahoma from GRANDPA Y- they really don't know what they have. They really don't know what it means and they don't know what to do with it. So you know I would help them acquire their leases, make sure the lease language benefited them and they weren't. Missing out on anything, and then from there, they would get into pay status and if they did have a desire to liquidate those assets, I'd make sure they get the most value for them. You know what's really interesting about it. I was approached by your representative to have you on the show and he mentioned oil and gas I was thinking you know I've never had somebody in oil and gas on the show before, and then I thought we were GonNa talk about the investment opportunities that there are oil and gas and maybe think. About maybe even looking at that for our community as a as a way to kind of diversify then when I did this pre interview recording or or before I hit record the the first thing that you mentioned to me was this whole thing of understanding if you have a property, this potential that you're on top of if there is if there is a potential that you're on top of oil and gas to bring in a consulting company such as yourself I wasn't even aware that there were companies that do what you do. So right? In simple terms, you really did explain it quite nicely but does it seem like you know if is this everywhere I thought? Well, maybe this is just a Texas thing started saying notices in many different places. So where people that had these opportunities geographically geographically located Well I mean obviously I mean, no one has trouble figuring out that Texas or Louisiana are going to be hot beds. Oklahoma, there's Dakota. There's the they call it the beast in the east. That's the Marcellus shale that covers Pennsylvania Ohio and. West Virginia. So any of those states, there's a good chance if you own property that you could be sitting upon shell reserves and you're eventually going to get approach by what they call a land man or a mineral outfit somebody that either wants to lease or buy your minerals. So you know if someone approaches you to buy your minerals, you don't want to take a five hundred dollar Acre offer if there's ten thousand dollars on the table somewhere else. So you know just the fact that there's a few companies out there like mine that are willing to help people make the most of their inheritance or if they just happened by surface acreage, a home or a ranch and. The minerals came along with it. Then you know we're just here to help them and through helping them and doing that for a number of years it actually converted into a group of people that were willing to invest in our actual operations. So now that we went from solely focusing on minerals to actually drilling wells ourselves, we already had a base of people that trusted our work in new we you know cross T.'s dot our. Is when it comes the Oil Business Oh, you know they went on head and stepped off, took a risk with us. They came in we drilled some wells and currently right now with the price of oil down were returning about fifteen percent a month. But there for a while when we still had fifty plus dollars per barrel that oil was trading know did achieve a twenty percent a month return for a period of time so. You. Know we're trying to get back up there.

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