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The cardinals at 22 20 on the LCS last year, right? Sorry. The they made the playoffs last year. There were division. So you know why? Because they're always around. Right. Well, it's true. That's it and what it might still have my Jason. Remember, he was always around. It wasn't like firing up his team like Kirsten out. Thie wasn't the Braves Woz. That's right. Roll them by like 15 runs, so he's got a hell of a look, too. And he was. He was screaming at the brewer's last night the two nights ago to see that no, honestly hey, was cursing and screaming, too. Alright, So let's go to the new band box that is Coors Oracle Field here. Brandon Belt number eight. Evan Orange Gator around my neck. Longoria,

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