Smoke from West Coast wildfires reaches Washington DC sky


Lauren, You're really not that bad, And there's a lot of areas that are still in the fifties. Right now. We're headed into the upper sixties and lower seventies. Today, you may notice. It's not that sunny out there. Yeah, if we didn't have smoke, that's all smoke. Coming off the West Coast and catching a ride on the jet stream. We didn't blue skies but we're seeing the smoke at the higher elevations coming right on into the East coast and writings of mid Atlantic and again from the wildfires s O. We are looking at a hazy day. Milky sky with some veiled sunshine temperatures again Right around 70 or dry today and dry tomorrow could have a little He's around tomorrow temperatures tomorrow Gonna be topping out near 80 degrees, then Thursday touchy humidity. Increasing clouds and temperatures around 80 will have about a 30% chance of scene. Some showers and thunderstorms on Thursday by Friday we're tracking remnants of Sally is it makes a turn to the East Coast could see a few showers here. But some of the guidance today has it headed south. That means we'd stay dry. Keep your fingers crossed for that were drawing to the weekend. 59 right now in

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