Whistleblower Complaint Alleges A High Number Of Hysterectomies At ICE Facility


A whistleblower complaint filed this week alleges that immigrant detainees at a privately operated detention facility in Georgia were subjected to historic Timmy's at an alarmingly high rate. A complaint was filed by the human rights group Project South and alleges that these procedures were done without informed consent from the women. Jose Alvarez and associate producer on the takeaway for WNYC C co authored this story for the intercept, and he joins us now. Welcome. Thanks for having me. So how many women were actually affected by this? According to your reporting, Can you describe what exactly happened to them? Short, so the details are still a little bit unclear. But according to one woman that we spoke with estimated that as many as 20 others were recommended for an operation by This gynecologist and according to an interview that we conducted with the whistleblower, what don wouldn't. She estimated that more than 20 women had under undergone hysterectomies in the last six years now, But we've also found out today. Is that representative Jean Paul from Washington State has spoken with a number of attorneys who have disclosed to her that at least 17 immigrant women in Irwin were subject to these hysterectomies by a gynecologist while in the custody of immigration and Customs

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