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58 O'Hare going up to a breezy 62 Our top local story on news radio. A suspected Carjacking suspect is dead after being hit by a vehicle on the Eisenhower Expressway while trying to flee police Chicago police say 29 year old woman was carjacked at gunpoint near 15th Christiana. By three people around 11 last night. She was not heard a short time later by state police on alert the carjack vehicles located on the side of the outbound lanes of the Ike and actually Avenue police had a man in the juvenile were inside the car. There's the officer approached, one of them tried to flee and ran into traffic. You know, the person of the car was taken The custody PM's Bo Durant will have more on the traffic impact coming up. In just a minute. Being of traffic, analyzed a police and reminding drivers to move over one approaching an emergency vehicle or any vehicle with hazard lights activated. It comes after two serious crashes over the past two days, and Illinois state trooper with the marked vehicle and lights activated was blocking traffic on north bound by 55 near Route 30 because a vehicle stalled in Elaine Police say the driver of the pickup truck struck the trooper squad car, causing a multi vehicle crash. The trooper was flown to a hospital for treatment of serious but non life threatening injuries. 19 year old Alexis model Unease of Berwyn has been cited for violating the move over law called Scots Law and failing to reduce speed to avoid an accident. 12. Hours later, a car slammed into a crash scene that was under investigation on the inbound Eisenhower near Austin. Multiple vehicles and three people, including an idot truck operator, were struck. Authorities say the driver of the car was Terrence Barber of Chicago, who tried to run from the scene but was caught and charged with, among other things. Aggravated driving under the influence and leaving the scene of a crash. The idea truck operator suffered serious injuries but is expected to recover. Jennifer Kipper NewsRadio 105.9 FM Chicago City Hall in most all women are not openly using the phrase de funding the Chicago Police Department but political editor Craig Delmer reports officials are considering turning its budget. Alderman Chris Taliaferro, the former police officer who heads the City Council Public Safety Committee, asked Budget director Suzie Park if the police Department plans to hire enough officers. To replace all who quit or retire. Not necessarily. She told yesterday's hearing to your question regarding keeping up with attrition and filling those vacancies. I think that's part of the discussion. We're having. With CPD around the 2021 budget. A Z do every year kind of what is the right number of officers that they need Thio accomplished to need all of their operation. A budget advisor to the City Council suggest the department could save millions by eliminating such things is tuition reimbursement in uniform allowances, but Park pointed out that was subject to the bargaining agreement with the police union. Craig Della. More news radio 105.9 f ound w E b a news time 50 Age time for Friday morning, traffic and weather together on the eighth sponsored by Phoenix. Industrial cleaning. Good morning, Bo Durant. Well, Good morning, Pat. As you mentioned, we have this issue on the outbound side of the Eisenhower still all because the investigation into the overnight crash that you mentioned at Ashland all lanes remained blocked. Traffic is forced off of the bike at Ashland. You can rejoin it, Damon, you have to use Van Buren. Not a parallel The Ike for that little stretch there as you make your way off of the eyes. Now we're seeing some pretty heavy traffic. You're jammed out of the burning her change to Ashland. All the traffic is forced off of the outbound lanes of 2 90. No inbound delays on the ICQ Right now. It's looking okay on that in Mt. Trip. Just 29 minutes from around 3 90 into the burn interchange, The Edens and the Kennedy. You're both. OK? No Stevenson delays So far this morning, we started really heavy traffic on the Dan Ryan and about looks like cruise a little bit lake in some overnight roadwork picked up It is in the two left local lanes from 47th up to the Stevenson where the work is still in. Those lanes were supposed be gone at five o'clock, but it's still there. Still seeing some delays on the in bound side of the Dan Ryan, so it's a 21 minute trip from 95. Into downtown right now on the Dan Ryan. No Outbound delays. The 57 the bishop quarter, both in great shape in no lakeshore drive issues. The only tall ways are fine. No major problems on 80 80 94. I 65 or on the Indian, a toll road. But in the south suburbs we do have an issue in Oakland, 95th is closed at Ridge Line. The investors are the intersection is shut down for ongoing investigation into an overnight crash there as well. So if you're heading east or West men instead of using 90 50 years, 87th Save yourself some time today. We're going north or South bound. Harlem is a better choice than regiment as the intersection 95th and Ridgeland remains close and most likely will be until about eight o'clock this morning. Next traffic report. 5 18 news radio 7 81 5 point Coming up, will follow up on the crash landing of a small plane in the suburbs last evening near a metro station, the forecast Partly sunny, breezy, Cool day today high 60 to normalize 74 so normal It's going to be a below normal through the weekend temperature wise more on that in the five day forecast in about five minutes at O'Hare and the lakefront now 58 wins northeast of 17 against 58 coming up through a breezy 62 at five. You get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks so much I'm going to have to speed things up. 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