Breaking down Apple Watch, iPad, Oculus Quest 2 and Facebook glasses

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There is a rush of new check parks that are coming out and at the center of all his madness is Scott Stein see that's editor at an amateur magician Scott. It's been a while since I've done magic been too busy. It has been a busy time. Why don't we start with apple since you've got your hands on repression on some of these out this morning let's start with the eighth Jan IPAD, which essentially it's the same device probably a little bit faster low smarter for three hundred, twenty, nine bucks. So what what is of? Note, the new Eighth Gen IPAD. Well, the one thing that's interesting is everyone's waiting seemingly for the IPAD air, which is the fancier looking wine that's coming in October, which apple does sometimes they stagger the releases and the good news is that the Eighth Gen pad is basically the twenty nineteen ipad air. The one that last year was the middle ipad had an eight twelve processor. Processor is in the eighth bad. Now, if you can keep track of all that so just means that you're getting a really good IPAD for pretty low price. Everything else about it is the same there's not much to save their. It uses the I Jin Apple ipad accessories. So uses the old pencil that sticks in the lightning port and it uses older keyboard cases not the keyboard such a little frustrating and has lightning instead of USB. But I mean. Whatever it's a very, very solid product just did my toes and using it But I think it really the fact that I was recommending the IPAD air a few months ago as the go-to one, the old one. Makes me really recommend this one now and we'll see how the IPAD air fancier one does. But that starts at six hundred dollars it's not cheap. So I think it'll be interesting to see whether that feels. Yeah. It was breakdown the IPAD air because that is you have it yet it doesn't come out until October. This is it runs on this eight, fourteen chip. I think there's some confusion about whether or not. This was actually faster than the IPAD pro is this. Pro. Ron Eight twelve Z and if you just looking from numbers, you're like well. Fourteen is better than twelve, right. So what are some context here? It's two digits higher. This sounds very promising, but then you've got a letter on the other one. It's totally confusing like apple has not really clarified it too much. Technically, it sounds like based on their their wording on this. The IPAD PRO is still the fastest ipad and the the thing about the X. chips is they had a lot more cores in graphics. So they're they're beefed up on the kind of the back end, and that could definitely make a difference The fourteen is a totally new chip like apple usually they put that on the next on and they most likely will. But now it's I on the IPAD air, and for all we know the air is GonNa come out at the same time the iphones we don't even know I mean, it's October released. So the IPAD air per-performance as a total unknown, it's supposed to be faster than the twelve, but that's not a surprise. It would not surprise me that some of the graphics video stuff might still be better on the. IPAD pro. But that one was not really a big performance bump this year over the twenty eighteen model. So Shrug so. Once price because you mentioned it's one hundred dollars more than last year's model. Does that change the calculation for that? That air like is this now is this too expensive six hundred dollars is not cheap and I think that it depends if you're thinking about getting an ipad pro and then you go oh, this one's a little less that sounds great. Sure it is but it is not cheap ipad scenes and you know really how much you GonNa Pylon to it the accessories start getting really expensive in any any of these things the more you start using them. You probably want the Pencil, which is a hundred dollars, hundred something dollars you probably WanNa keyboard case, the magic keyboard is. Basically. Three hundred dollars. You know it's it's you're pushing thousand dollars for the configuration with also with storage because the IPAD air starts with sixty four gigs of storage. Is. Borderline passable but it's not if you're going to be using this for any serious stuff and it's not upgradable. So and that's the same thing for the entry level IPAD three thousand nine is kind of a phantom price. That's a thirty two gig of storage. I would definitely say get the four, twenty, nine with one, twenty, eight. Because thirty two gigabytes you're going to run out of space like instantly. So I think that's just one of those things that gets you in the door and then suddenly you're paying more so I do think apple incrementally does price games all the time that these things I think that. It's going to seem nice for the air if you were considering getting a pro.

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