MLB: Recent Game Scores


Well, the phillies just choked away their lead against the mets they've now lost that's a final. They had a four one lead on the mets they lose five four nice job by the phillies tonight. So they blew it and they were up five one or. Four one they were up, they were up for one. degrom left the game after the second inning. He got hurt. Wheeler. Pitching into the eighth. Couple batters too many for him. And the mets then win it with a run the top of the ninth and Diaz close it out in the bottom of the ninth. Right. So I both ends of the cardinals brewers hit the cardinals for doing game one brewers nothing in game two. The Orioles evidently beat. They be called hamels tonight. That's what happened. Was He got lit up. Lit Up. Hamels yields three runs in his debut a five one loss. He gave up three runs in the third and that was it. He got the loss. So did I not call that today on Costa goes like oh? God. Here we go. With this guy, they brought him out of the addict. Yeah he's going to be a big big boost them for the postseason. Remember that. I. was telling the other night. You know they're really count on him to give him something in the postseason. Come on. I won't tonight a guy at a pretty good career, right? You can't. Early that year that goes you're the phillies won the world series. He was unbelievable. That year was the world series. MVP. If I remember correctly said royals four nothing, the Tigers mets five, four of the phillies the as beat the rockies three one, I hit that game the nationals over the race for two Yankees. Again, they've scored thirty three runs into games they won thirteen to two tonight. What did they do in that game? Did they have a lot of it must have had gone your boy Higashi Yoka with a couple of home runs three of them. Three home. All we did. He get a third third. and Dj Lemay you had to. Judge home runs in the game thirteen to two they win Garrett. Cole six and three. Are you happy now with Garrett Kohl's turnaround?

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