Movie theaters returned. Audiences didn’t.


Movie theaters, movie theaters returned audiences didn't this if even if they don't do this forever been where you Khun? Just rent the movie for extra boom box at your house. They should be doing it now. There are plenty of movies that look if I I would rent that black widow movie we even if you know for even if it was 40 bucks, I would rent that because I'm not going to go see that in the theatre probably anyway, and it's something I really want to see. And there everybody has that movie. If that came out, I would rent that at home. No matter how expensive it was, And that's the deal. Like most 68% of the United States by Labor Day weekend they had opened movie theaters. Not in some of the markets. But there's 68% of the United States was within driving distance of an actual movie theater, where they limit the tickets, and they've got their social distancing and you can't sit next to anybody, or, you know whatever the deal is, and it doesn't matter. You know 10. It opened in theaters and made nine million bucks. It's first weekend, which And I think it's made. Looks like it's made just over around 30 million bucks in its first two weeks, and that's a movie that was expected to open two gigantic numbers. But of course in my local theaters open. Do you think your local theaters open? San Francisco, New York? Ah, Los Angeles not open, so I don't know if our I don't. I do not believe that minor opened. See if you can find one there. I'm going to see real quick because I would I'm going to guess. No. And yet, ah I know what it does. Do we count in those in those markets? Um It's just not as in bigger cities. The openings are less because those air hospital Gamber 17th. Yeah, they're open the reeling you could go to the movies, then go to the movies That's like there's the date. That's today's date. And there's a bunch tenets open and, Ah new mutants is open and That person's door. The personal history of David Copperfield is playing boy while they're desperate for material, I guess. Um yeah, so they're open, but people are not going And something called unhinged, starring Russell Crowe. Yes, that's ah, That's what they say That one's actually you know, as the new box office numbers go, that one's

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