Personnel are fighting the fire,


Up of the Eugene mission, says the group is providing space for several RVs and basic amenities. Food showers. Bathroom etcetera were imagining that folks as they moved through the Red Cross another place that process that those will probably fill over time. About 800 personnel are fighting the fire, which is now 8% contained for NPR news. I'm Brian Bowl in Eugene, Oregon. This is NPR news. Yo Shahidi saga became Japan's new prime minister today, promising to continue the policies of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who resigned for health reasons after nearly eight years in office. The guy had served as a vase, Chief Cabinet secretary. About half the Cabinet members are holdovers from ABS regimes. Guy said he'll work to improve Tokyo's alliance with the U. S. And to establish a stable relationships with China and Russia. The Big 10 conference will begin its football season in October from member station W. O S. You adore another Good day reports. In a reversal of an August decision to forgo football this year, the big 10 presidents voted unanimously to begin the football season, the weekend of October 23rd. Conference announced that each team will play an eight game schedule. Fans won't be allowed in stadiums and players and coaches will undergo daily auntie gin testing how state team Dr Jim Borchers helped chair

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