Apple makes a new, exclusive, 'podcast'



Apple is making its own Daily News Show Apple News today which the company calls, a podcast is exclusive to apple podcasts, and there's no RSS feed hits visible, but doesn't play on the apple podcasts website to the verge claims it's only available in the US Canada, the UK and Australia. The editorial however seems entirely US focused. It wasn't mentioned in spotify's launch yesterday, but then launch into Russia does not include podcasting the. The market for them is nascent. spotify told Reuters it's something that'll be important to us. Over time did a spotify VP GUSTAF Gillenhammer spotify Russia's instagram account says we're working on. It specifies lack of podcasts. In Russia, will probably be talking point, ask listen. It's the first podcast festival in Russia a free virtual event on August, the first second and it's added to our list of podcast events at pod DOT events. audio boom has signed a bunch of new shows to their network, including idiot with Chris Hardwick and the tiny meet gang. It's also renewed contracts with no such thing as a fish and true crime podcast Morbid Acosta's added a virtual storefront for the marketplace it allows advertisers to browse and discover shows that fit their desired audience, and actually allows anyone to so if you. You want men aged between eighteen and twenty in the US who likes comedy and history can the alarmist is for your apparently Triton digital is podcast platform Omni studio has enabled tools for exclusive podcasts with secure podcast feeds and players. It's been announced at East. Cooper from Mama Mia is now an executive producer for podcasting at. Nova entertainment in Sydney Congratulations Elise pricing for. The podcasting Leo. LaPorte says he's unhappy about what the future might hold for. podcasting eventually fell, be three or four companies. He says that own all podcasts kantle very dramatically. Change the kind of stuff you listen to, and if you're thinking of making a podcast APP, you might want to rethink that they're hard. Case he borne writes a good piece on why podcast APPs fail especially once that promise social features in podcast news today quizzes is a new trivial cuisine. You can play along with your friends or on your own produced by Mama Mia and Gordon's Gin. If you like pub quizzes, this is just the tonic. We see what they've done that. Zigzagged the business show about being human returns today it's part of the Ted family of podcast and hosted by Monica Zomorodian who asks what is the path to Kinda more sustainable way? What the FA catcher is a popular thirty podcast returns today for a second season takes a look at all things good food. Produce Sustainability and great recipes and tips and Kim. CIDER is new media podcast hosted by Chris Peterson of kindred media, the first episode talks about recent mergers and acquisitions in podcasting iheartmedia spotify, Sirius, Xm and Kim Kardashian West and Chris should know he created and launched the IHEART podcast network and worked at tune in,

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