Activist Frank Nitty's Walk From Milwaukee Concludes At March On Washington


By by taking taking a a look look at at yesterday's yesterday's march march on on Washington, Washington, which which was was held held here here in in Washington, Washington, D. D. C. C. Thousands Thousands of of people people came came to to the the National National Mall Mall to to participate participate in in the the action action known as the commitment march to protest police violence and racial injustice. So we figured we let you know Whether we talk shop Fact or skinny, light skinned about skin black lives matter black people. Face a symbolic tell Cohn Every time we walk, speak up. SAP. Job drive and, yes, brain. No, just there's a knee upon the neck of democracy, and our nation can only live so long without the oxygen of freedom. We just march 750 miles from Milwaukee was causing 24 days the gear because we're not going to stop until we get Chang That was the Reverend Al Sharpton, Congresswoman Joyce Beatty, Martin Luther King. The third and the final voice you heard was Frank's Ncba, better known as Frank Nitti. He is a Milwaukee activists who like he said, walked 750 miles from Wisconsin to Washington, D. C. And Frank Nitti, miss with us Now. Welcome. Thank you for joining us, man. That's amazing. I haven't watched any media or hurting any of anything. But I really never looking myself religions of myself or anything like that. I'm all about like the message and coming together. So how do you feel? I mean, as you say, you know, you walked A long way. How you feel you tired? Is your body tired? Um, actually, I feel amazing. Believe it or not, I don't know how it was like a very spiritual journey for some reason. Even the last day I had walked 40 miles that morning, and then the group walked 42 miles in the Washington D. C that later on that evening, and my body was so fine And so is that like, literally, The last 20 miles, and there was a lady that came up. She came out. She said she was looking for me for four hours, and she was crying. And she had her kids, whether she like you're doing what nobody else could do. You know, Um, you're doing it for my kids. And you know this is such a big thing. And you almost There's a little bit more to go and she was crying and everything. And I started crying and everything, but he gave me so much energy and I was able to walk from there in the last hour. It was just some of my legs are so sore, But other than that, I sat down. I couldn't like walking my feet for two hour the hour and a half once I said it, and now I find I'm ready for the world. Like I woke up this morning like like I hadn't walked for him for the last 24 days. But there were also some some ugly things that happened along the way. I understand that members of your group had many trials that some members of the group were arrested members you know, a member of the group was accused of shoplifting after she had bought like hundreds of dollars of supplies that you were shot at in Pennsylvania. So I was just wondering if you were expecting sort of vitriol to be directed at you. What was crazy Wass? As soon as we got into the state of Indiana, some I was like, Get out the road spoke. You know, and we laugh. We just laughed or whatever you know to me, but it was like You can kind of predict as soon as you cross the state line and take like 15 steps. You know, it was about two blocks, and someone has said that, you know, and we knew about the racism there with at the time I didn't know like Over the home of the K. K K like there's supposed to still operating at Knox, Indiana, and then, like the head of the Aryan Brotherhood, lives in Warsaw, Indiana, So we didn't know when I was like looking at the map and the role we were taking. I didn't particularly picked these places, but yeah, I was extremely rough being called the n word every Five blocks people through boots at us people threw food at us. The police were black and golf, gas stations and Indiana so that we couldn't get gas at them. Telling gas stations and businesses to close could say We were there to burn him down. The women can use the bathroom. We had someone brought us a portable toilet. So Indiana was like 100 degrees for two days. We are these like 30 Miles stretches where there was only one gas station and we weren't allowed to use it. And we're walking like 12 hours a day at that point, so we had to deal with racism, and we had to deal with the heat. And then we had to deal with the police actually spreading the rumors that we were doing these things and plus they were also telling us we can't go down the street or industry and we were. We would always go down whatever street we needed to go down. I would always tell him like no matter what You're not going to stop us from walking and actually established from from from getting the D. C.

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