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Jury of Nation. Part hair and it's time for another installment of Liberty Virus via the midnight moment delivery system. that. I was night three of the Democrat National Convention Day One, hundred, sixty, fifteen days flattening curb. It allows unlucky enough to over here made me throw up in my mouth a little bit I gotta be honest with you wanted to wash the taste out with out. But. In the end, I settled for for a Nice Cup of coffee. George Carlin one said I don't have pet peeves. I have made major psychotic fucking hatreds. So in the spirit of both George Carlin and my complete total annoyance with current events, we're going to cover two topics with you. Tonight the first is a voter ID, and the second as a self developed spiracy theory that I would like your indulgence to entertain as strictly a mental exercise though in our society, there are things you. Have to show ID for buying a gun getting prescription painkillers buying alcohol buying. We'd words legal of course, a buying porn. You have to show ID at the DMV the board, an airplane to board trained drive an automobile the list goes on and on and on survivor is going to be required to do any of the above things or you know conduct adulting in any way as it always is lot why states not have a? Statute that requires valid identification busted as yourself that question for a second, you may not like the answer I mean Article One section. Four of the US Constitution states the times, places and manner of holding elections for Senators and representatives shall be prescribed in each state by the legislature thereof. But the Congress may at any time by law make or alter such regulations except as to places of choosing senator I mean there was. An assumption clearly present in our constitution that citizens right to vote is protected under free speech under the First Amendment. But in a citizen right the but I mean article two section one clearly spells out that our founders framers specified who could and couldn't be president no person except the natural born citizen or citizen of the United States at the time of this adoption of this constitution shall be eligible to the office of the president. Neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained? The age of thirty five years have fourteen years been a residence within the United States our founders and framers carved out specifics. Do you really believe they had any intention any intention at all for non citizens to vote in our elections? Give me a break. So if they're going to push the agenda and by the way I'm speaking to leftists and liberals who seem to think that showing identification at a polling place is somehow minority voter suppression Oh really then I say, well, no, I devote no idea by guns no background checks ever for anything. No idea to buy booze or weed. Or board a plane. Is it. Any wonder that liberal states have started issuing driver's licenses to illegal immigrants? Because if somehow some way. We restore common sense in order to our republic and require a valid form of identification vote illegal immigrants will be their voters and their voting block. I'm not suggesting we give up the right to an anonymous ballot that's absolutely protected by the First Amendment I get it. No. One has stating that your driver's license number be attached to your ballot. But. If you can't get into a bar without id if you can't buy liquor without ID, why should you be able to access the polling place? I just want to point out and make it clear the blatant outright shitting hypocrisy and quite frankly left racism in the claim that somehow requiring an idea vote is minority suppression really I mean here in Colorado most liquor stores that I frequent require id for every transaction and believe me I do not look twenty one or younger bars and nightclubs in this area often use a barcode scanners. Id and I know that it's that way in some other states, somehow all of this is okay but somehow requiring an ID to vote arguably the most violent in the world voting is minority voter Suppression Racist Bull Shit. So as the assertion that minorities by the way don't have an ID or don't have the ability or somehow incapable of getting one, I mean the bring specificity again. Zona adults over the age of eighteen are required. To carry ID at all times. That's whether you're walking down the street driving your car or otherwise, and that has been in effect since World War. Two, this is not something new. This is not something that the Clintons or the bushes or anyone else do any time in recent history this has been the law of the land for literally decades. Whether that laws right or wrong as up to you. But really do we really need any more outside influence in our country regardless of what the political spectrum you stand on our guys we've got another segment coming up right after this break. Stay tuned. Midnight Patriot nations spartan here with a shameless plug for our new gear shop shop dot midnight Patriots Dot Com. T shirts, hats, hoodies, mugs, phone cases just about everything else in between we got you covered whether you're looking to embrace your insomnia, show your patriotism or make a liberal hood. Explode. Really. Shop. Dot Midnight Patriots. Dot Com for a limited time. You can save fifteen percent on your order starting now. And now back to the show. So what are the talk about now is? A conspiracy theory I fully admit it. I have no evidence of this except what may be going on around us and some thoughts that I have from the Golden Age of talk, radio in the nineties I sometimes get what I refer to as nuggets of Universal Truth from what most people would consider fairly odd sources. You know movies, songs, sports, overhearing pieces of a conversation, etc one of the things that was kind of profound to me and rain true didn't I didn't really understand the time was the movie captain America the Winter Soldier. Now there's a scene again. Tomorrow will because they're fantastic and I'm going to kind of summarize here there's a scene where they're in a bucket in they're talking to basically an all German scientists. Brain is good put on on a computer and all creepy but isn't that scene they talk about humanity's freedom came. and. One of the things that they said was if you try to take that freedom, they resist humanity needed to surrender. It's freedom willingly. And they finally created a world. So chaotic that you vanity was ready to surrender it's freedom for its own security. Now I know that sounds bizarre and maybe I'm maybe I'm just being paranoid maybe I'm suffering from the Kobe. Kobe lockdown paranoia or whatever you want to call it. The understand this if you wanted to usher in a gestapo-type National Police Force. It had no loyalty to the constitution but only the politicians you know Kinda like Nazi Germany. What would you do? Well. First of all, you'd have to get the police to quit. So if you control the purse strings for the police, department what better way to get them to quit than it, cut their wages, cut their budget and then make them liable for I. Don't know everything. What if he told them to stand down while like Portland Eighty. Three nights of rioting destroys property assaulting assaulting citizens decade the police to quit what about like new? York. They cut the budget of Major Crimes Unit and shootings have gone up. To three hundred percent. Since that happened now, I wanNA make it clear that I do not support a national police force now. Yes we can argue that yes, we have we have federal agents the DA's the ATF the FBI etc. But none of them are actively patrolling the streets but how do you do it? How do you implement a Gestapo of social justice warriors that are essentially thought police, which is what the what's the leftist seem to want anyone that that goes contrary to their narrative anyone that disagrees with any they say politically. Well if you get all the local cops to quit, you have to have something because your citizens will not bag. For protection somebody did is friendly to that idea wins the White House than the Federal Police Force. Is created and then we end up like Nazi Germany. They're already talking about making kids where buttons identified that they either have or have not been vaccinated for Covid. Nineteen. One. Just go out and do yellow stars. Pink triangles. Any sense does you have to question yourself and even do the mental exercise of what's the end game now? This Shit I. GotTa Tell Ya None of it looks good. That was your mental exercise in your midnight moment I'm Spartan have ago. Thanks. Thanks for joining us for another edition midnight moment. Be sure to join us for the main podcast, every Monday night and every Thursday night for more midnight moments. If you like what you hear and support what we do about subscribing. Go to listen Dot Midnight Patriots Dot Com Cook Support and subscribe. Be sure to pick up some merchant gear store shop that midnight Patriots Dot Com. From the Mile High, command. Center. Dot Com studio. This is sport reminding you that the Constitution is not just a suggestion.

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