Yeah, because many of you have them from every year. It's pretty fun to see


Because I think the last thing we heard about her was that she was getting divorced at the end of last year. And then I was like, Yeah, she's getting married. Not only that This is her third marriage and this time to a woman. All right. So that might have been the reason for the divorce. Just saying Yeah, yeah, yeah. Love that good for her, So me looks so happy, And I didn't realize how did they meet Because Jessica Betts is her wife's name, and she they met on the set of claws. She's a musician. I guess. One of her songs was in the finale of the second season. And then that's just started a friendship and then from there, you know. Hey, it took off. Yeah, I love it, but they look so happy and it's really sweet. So there's some good news there. She's a gala was in Reno. 911. Yes, yes. So bleeping funny. Oh, my God. She was great, and it's a great show that still stands up. She's a really great stand up comedian too. I've been to see her shows. Oh, is she? Oh, yeah. Fantastic. Yeah. Great interview, just a nice person. Thing that came out to is Brad Pitt. You know his new girlfriend? She's 27 German model. Absolutely gorgeous. That's he's a mom. Do we think Brad has a has a girlfriend? Riel. Yeah, That's what I think, too, Don. I'm like, Oh, okay. I do think it's really they've been hanging out for a while. Now, OK? And on top of this, we're learning more about the girlfriend. She's actually married to a German restaurant or he's 68 years old. And what I'm wondering is the

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