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Zack help show CBS Sports Radio. Miami 57 bucks. 49 3 20 to go in this first half dancing with the stars, I guess is happening this year. I was very concerned, Con agreeing because there's a lot of shows around the country if you know, And if you listen to this show, my guilty pleasure shows are Jersey shore and then double shot at love. And I guess double shot at Love is coming to a close this season, but it was already recorded before Cove in 19. I was thinking, though, like what's gonna happen with the Jersey Shore? And I know there's a lot of drama there with what happened at Angelina's wedding not to get into the nuances of everything, because someone's probably listening right now and say, What the heck is this person talking about? But I wonder how people are going to film these reality shows in this new covert world where you're supposed to spend 6 FT. Apart from one another, and I don't know how many of these shows air still currently being shot because how many of the actors and people involved they want to make money, but Do they really need the money right now? Probably not. So I was a little bit surprised that I saw that dancing with the Stars is going to go on. I don't read too much into it and what precautions are taking things along those lines. But that being said, Here's some of the big names on this year's dancing with the stars, which I think I read. It was the 29th season of this Is that? Is that right? That seems like way too long. Maybe they're doing like two seasons a year. Because possibly not 29 years longer than I've been alive a way. I'm not a big fan of the show. I know Vour shot Jennings 11 year. We've had him on the show. And you also, I think, kinds Ward one now actually, nine. No Himes Ward one because he told me he didn't even go to his prom. Has he had two left feet pretty much the guy ends of winning dancing with the stars, So that was pretty cool. So I hear the big names A J. MacLean from the Backstreet Boys. Nelly is going to be involved in this. Former NFL tight end Vernon Davis is going to be on the show. Hopefully, not like his brother Vontae, Davis and election just leave dancing with the stars like Vontae Davis did that Buffalo Bills game. You also got Charles Oakley. So oak gets eliminated. Does Dolan get security guards to drag him out? That's my question he has to. He has to. Otherwise, Oakley won't leave dancing. That's true. And then here's the one I thought this was fake news. I thought this was an onion article. Remember that show Tiger King. Yeah. Carol Raskin. Carol Basket is on the show. How can they have her on dancing with the Stars shall murder the competition. If you believe that she may have murder her husband and I said, may have a CZ. There's some conspiracy theories out there. The husband just went missing her ex husband. And they never found him And a lot of people believe that she was responsible for that, and they have fed that was. I think the guy's name was Don Luis may is something Lewis that they may have fed. She may have fed him too, a tiger, so that could have been a possibility. And it's speculation. So like I can understand she's never actually been arrested. So you can say it's a conspiracy. I don't know how much of an investigation that really was when you when you watch some of the reporting of us so but I still don't know how you can really take her and put her on the show knowing that you Well are on ly going to think about that. When she's on there. There's nothing else not only that she is insanely awkward. I know they take a lot of awkward people and put them on the show, and they become great dancers. No, I think she's going to be a great dancer. No, I kind of feel like she'll be doing a bunch of meditation stretches. And and that's why I have calm, soothing music. But I think dancing with the stars, it's upbeat, moving and and everyone's moving at 1000 MPH. If anything, I think it's just gonna be really funny. I wonder if anyone on the on the show that was going to bring that up now they'll protect her on the show. It's not live television, but I would imagine that they are. Maybe I don't. Is it live? I don't even I don't. I don't want much of it, but I think that they'll protect her. But it would be really funny if you just get Charles Oakley who just goes. Yeah. Did you kill your husband? But did that happen? What is the deal there? Did you murder your husband? If they match up in the finals and Charles loses and few wins, he's absolutely going to bring it up. We'll know that could be a little advantage. Some guys They want a psycho out or some girls may want a psycho out in the show, so they'll try to talk some smack and and bring up her past and what she may or may not have done, so it got me thinking you could take. Let's use the four major sports Four current athletes hockey, baseball, basketball football. You take one out of the current, You know, athletes in each four major sports that you want to see on dancing with the stars. Who would they be So like? Khan agreed. Give me an NFL players, your NFL player. All right, So it's a Ryan Fitzpatrick. Wow, That's a good one. The big beard, you know, he's pretty good on his feet. I think he probably asked indecent dance moves, so I got to go Ryan Fitzpatrick. I'd love to see him out there on the dance floor, and it'll be like meticulous and every single thing there there will be a method to his madness and see is a very area Dyke quarterback going to Harvard. Mine was Aaron Donald. I want to see the size of Aaron Donald. How nimble that he is on his feet, but also so destructive in the back field. I could see him just, you know, dancing with the girl thrown up 9000 ft in the air, catching her in one arm. It would be fun. I think watching our and Donald on dancing with the stars Major League baseball, a sport that could actually use dancing with the stars to get some personalities develop into the game. Who's your baseball? Laughter? So that was my exact thought. I'm taking Mike trout because maybe if it goes on, you will finally know who he is. And when the Angels play on prime time they'll go. Oh my God. There's that guy from dancing with the stars. No way. No idea who he was one of the greatest baseball players of all time, And he could walk down the streets of New York City one before covert, and I don't think many people be able to pick him out. It's what happens when we get to the postseason for three games in your career. Here's my baseball player, Trevor Bauer. I got. He would wear some shirt trolling the commissioner Rob Man, Fred, and I think he would have electric dance moves Now I know he's not current right now. Another guy I'd like to see Bartella Cologne. Everyone loves a fat guy dancing Bartolo Colon would be absolutely perfect. Who's your hockey player? That's like Alex Ovechkin, because I can't imagine a guy who would not want to be on dancing with the stars more than Alex Ovechkin. So I would love to see him out there absolutely hating the entire thing. Just being like, why am I here? I'm a serious guy. I don't want to be doing this. So I would love to see Alex Ovechkin on Take a party, though Ovechkin he can when when they won the Stanley Cup. A buddy of mine was in Vegas, and he was drinking out of the Stanley Cup as Ovechkin brought the cup into the club. See, Think about that. Now Teams have been Champions Team Championship, not the capital. They get eliminated by a team wins a championship. Usually see guys drinking out of the Stanley Cup and and then go into a club and you get the cup for a day. I don't know if would be the best thing in the world, even though all these guys don't have covert because they're inside a bubble.

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