Echoes of the Massachusetts state Police scandal.


S illegally is overturned by a federal appeals court officers and agents. We have a specific mission to do and just happened to be removing threats from the United Bank Acting Boston Ice Director Tod Lyons on the Cougar report this morning. Echoes of the Massachusetts state Police scandal. Nine current and former Boston police officers are under arrest, accused of collecting more than $200,000 in fraudulent overtime pay in Lawrence Luis Morales Cologne is under arrest for his connection and the incident involving Lawrence Police officer Carl Farrington. He was run over last month pinned under a car. He was just recently released from the hospital. Celtics got their big win over the Raptor last night. US Open tennis continues on Today. Ken Rosen is a former U. S. Open crowd control employees formerly from Marblehead. He's worried about all his friends out of work with no fans in the stands. I'm not sure we'll ever did say I'm Drew Mohammed. The

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