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66 68 60 appalls. Heart tat new fan. We'll talk to him on the other side on RKO flow on the second of South bound and delayed through the O'Neill Tunnel south bound on the brakes on the expressway south from the tunnel down to Savin Hill, with the North bound side delayed between Braintree and deposit and again right before the tunnel started to get slow getting over to Chelsea and October now pound busy on star Drive inbound before leverage. Circle busy on the lever connector as well. Route three South You're slow before Derby Street. And again from Marshfield down a duck's berry with some roadwork before Route 14. Also slow on 93 North Bend in Medford before spot pond. This report sponsored by Napa auto parts with thousands of locally owned Napa stores across the nation. Chances are that wherever you call home, they do, too. So whether you stop by your local Napa auto parts store, a Napa auto care center or visit Napa Online. Now. W RKO WEATHER Channel forecast We pull front headed our way. But that doesn't mean I'm right tomorrow and Thursday and then drier weather as we head into the weekend.

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