Freedom from the Prison of Limiting Beliefs

Tara Brach


Nama stay and welcome my friends. Joseph Campbell, who most of you have heard of described all religions as starting with one word that all came out of one word and the word was help. And we humans perceive our mortality. We perceive how everything's changing and in the deepest ways it's really out of our hands. So we're looking for something that can protect us that can guide US and help us make it through and so that deep increases really what will give us refuge In the face of an uncertain. World. A reading that I've always liked goes like this. It says this life is a test. It is only test. If it had been an actual life, you would've received further instructions on where to go and what to do remember this life is only a test. I remember when I first heard this and it really struck a chord and and I feel who can really sense in our current times so much as up for grabs, the coronavirus and Konami and really the rights of vulnerable populations democracy and our earth is in distress. So. The degree of uncertainty is really spiked and we can sense how with this little security were all trying to sense how to navigate. What's the best guidance on how to proceed? So if we look closely, we can see the ways that we take refuge. For many I we take refuge in that online rabbit hole that we fall into for incredible stretches of time that trance we take refuge in staying busy we try to control the people around us. It might be through food or drugs or alcohol or sleep that were trying to take care of ourselves. And, this is the other side and away for many there's increase refuge in carrying relationships in and really being close with others and connecting with others and in meditation many people have started and deepen their practice refuge in nature refuge in serving others. In my book says I think two thousand twelve that I that it got published true refuge. I looked at how we react to life's basic insecurity to that that sense of help you know how what we take refuge in really varies and that I distinguished between the refuges that. Serve to wake up our hearts and minds and those that are kind of substitute that give temporary maybe a hit of relief. But in a way, keep us trapped and I called the latter false refuge is not because they're bad. But really because they keep us from a pathway that really allows. True. Healing and freedom. So tonight, I'd like to reflect on. The primary mode of. False refuge that underlies other false refugees and keep so many of us trapped and that's Our fear based stories and beliefs. And when we're insecure, how we even grasp more tightly to those fear beliefs, those limiting beliefs and they turn us against ourselves against others, they keep a separate. Select look at this together, and then how are meditation practices can? Free us from that that prison. Of limiting beliefs. And I WANNA dedicate this class to our beloved Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Who helped our entire society wake up from stories? About Limited worth are limited value. How she woke us up in a way that really directly extended to honoring the rights of all being she focused on women and many oppressed populations. Because her basic caring she she just basically honored the intrinsic value of all. And if we look at our limiting beliefs. That's what they don't. Do they forget that so We can't transform our society and we can't Hiller free ourselves if we don't exam and an undue are limiting stories are fear based believes. They're the root of suffering.

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