Is, you know it's a ways down The line is the college football playoff.



Conferences are handling this disruption of their season and and and across the board, no matter if you lose you talking in college football, he's talking or you talking any walk of life. What you guys are doing what? We're doing it in the broadcast that RU I I've been up for now. You are too weak. First we shall, Of course, your idea for home Ready a cross and Eric Taylor's Stuart's still doing shows from home for our Tuesday in cycles. Also, just the mirror way. Folks are handling this disruption and it's a Cross different path, man, no matter what your your your life's work is you had to just in the same year that our business Yeah, no. In Brian. I think one of the more interesting things that we look at now is, you know it's it's It's a ways down The line is the college football playoff. The Big 10 decided not to play. Now they are playing the Pac 12 is going to play seven weeks, which is just it's just It's gonna feel weird to have a seven week season and obviously that they're doing that to try to fit in. To the college football playoff. Do you think the college football playoff stays at the say at the prescribed time of year or do they have to move this back? Because I don't know how the big 10

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