233 - Free Range Children


And woke up my favorite murder where we talk about true crime exactly how you want us to that's right in the exact cadence and speaking pattern. Has I'm human and slow and fast slow. Lot of positive is. Important. It's basically Asmar. Yeah. Hey. Hi. Hi trying to fall asleep right Do you like the sound zippers. Zipper. Zippers. I don't know. I. Start talking so loud. The first time I saw an Asahara video. It was something like it was a very specific sound where like this is for one per nate maybe four. And it was just like a you know it was titled Like Plastic Ski Jacket, Zipper? San. Juan is always loved but never even realized it was a thing. They loved you like I saw recently. Hair brushing videos which just the sound of hairbrush being brushed Oh, the Audio of audio for Amar of hair being brush. That's someone's thing see I might have the opposite of whatever the fetishes for hair brushing sounds because there's nothing that bothers me more And this is very like when you're a first year living out of your parents house when you're like I'm living with the girls and were lit were living in a best and there's always some remain that will get out of the shower with wet hair and then brush her hair violently on the TV. Oh Always driven me those kind of girls are like just just like. Pulling their. The just like ripping through their hair tangles yet just doing it really fast. You could tell they they had a kind of mom or sisters that was like to bag. Yeah. Get up. Here on my mom used to make us cry French braiding our hair yet because she pulled it was so tight and she'd Yank it not a purpose, but it's like. Maybe. Janet was getting. Hurt it. It does feel so good though I can French braid here. I know I've been meaning to get you to French. Freighter Hair my hair it's been absolutely do it I don't know why it's never happened like on on tour or something I guess 'cause we don't Roller Skate that much in nineteen eighty four. Weird it be. Like we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA go down to the applebee's two blocks down. Will you French braid my hair you know what? I just realized sometimes when I can't sleep if I. Need like a soothing thought I'll think of. Just a long fucking French. Braid. Yes. That's my as bar in my brain French fight, but it's the visual or the Lisu audio as well. In the feel of French braiding is like so soothing doesn't it? Yes, so yeah, as we said, this is true crime so good. We're here to tell you about things that sound. Ways that people have made sounds work for them other this podcast. The old can opener. Enough. Of this sound of Bumblebee. Being. Being opened by an electric can opener from ninety Chicken to see is kind of my thing I like the sound of my mom lighting a match and touching it to the end of a Benson and hedges lights one hundred at the gas station with the windows rolled up in the car got to. You know what? I did the other night I fucking I had a nice smoke. I fucking smoked a cigarette for the first time in. Probably five years out of what boredom? No, I just was like kind of going crazy I was having. It just. I was having a lot of anxiety about what's happening indoors right now and which is nothing and the thought of smoking a cigarette that thing of its escape you get to walk out of a fucking party or barroom or quarantine, and can have a contemplative cigarette. Don't fucking. I have not all four it smoking super bad for you kill you all this shit but I had a cigarette, a Winston and it was. It was excellent. I thought I'd get nauseous you. Now you find a pack of Winstons under the floor mats of an Nova that was parked in front of you know but I did find a brat for sale. Uganda's. subaru-brand Subaru Brat for sale like a nineteen. Something, it's silver and I wanted so bad holy shit okay. Friends. My Friends Samo and did I tell you about this? My friend Stan Mohan was doing this thing on twitter where he was posting pictures when he saw Subaru Brat.

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