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Really look forward to talk about motorcycles in recent in what you're doing these days before we get to do that. Take us back to us about your experience in the in the army and the National Guard. Hey thanks for having me. So I joined the National Guard into two, and I was still in college that point I enlisted and went through basic training in Fort Leonard, wood and I was NBC at the time, which of course switch to burn, but that's nuclear, biological and chemical. The cool thing about that for me. Is that man I could be at all different types of units I, was in a transportation unit I was in a regular chemical unit. And then. In two thousand, eight, I was in a aviation unit. we got our orders to deploy. and. Our area of operations was southern Iraq in Kuwait. And I knew I didn't want to sit in the supply room, and so I manage to hurry up and finish my degree before I left Pretty University. And So an opportunity came up to board as a Blackhawk Gutter. And there was eight spots in the entire battalion, and is pretty high, sought after and thankfully somehow I managed to get one of those spots. I think. I didn't anticipate the the negative feeling from the guys around me because I'd never really experienced that before. I'd always kind of been one of the guys anyway, so it was no big deal, but they were. They were more than happy. I think for a while But eventually you know because you beat a couple of them out couple of trying to get the slot and you took slot away from somebody. Yeah, and they. Of course you know, said Oh. It must've been equal opportunity and all this other things, and it's like okay guys. You know But eventually it got. To the point where you know, they're talking crap around the table and you know talking about what they say. The girls next door and I'm like you would say that, and it's like well. Of course we would say it in front of a girl and I'm like. What am I? Point out good. And, so that was. Really Awesome experience for me. you know one being able kind of break down? Those barriers although at the time. I just wanted to do something cool. You know didn't want spit. Inspire him just WanNa have some fun But then I came back from the deployment and my original plan was to go to med school, but I really you know after you're making decent money going back to. Making nothing just didn't seem that good to me. And there was another chance to deploy on the border. Working on the border between Mexico and the United States, and I have to say that that was probably one of the most fun missions ever had. Six mission. Yes. Yes, it was awesome. Those back in the nineties. and. See now when we got there, it was. Just how I am I I want to change things I want to make things better. I want to push the limits when I got there my soldiers standing on a on a hilltop, and if they didn't have a scope, they still stay on saint hilltop like well. You can't see with a flair. What are we doing and so I kinda managed to be friends? One of the border patrol supervisors. And show that we were capable of so much more than what they were having. Stew and able to integrate us a lot more I think we ended up accounting for twenty five percent of total station. Apprehensions might might team so super proud of them for that and they were all. Very happy to help Of course, we weren't in hand on role because that'd be a little controversial to have militarized troops at the border so. We were just walking people in using scopes and in in and other imaging technologies. But that was a great mission. loved it, and unfortunately all good things have to come to an end did. And so at that point. I had to figure out what to do now I was. I guess four years out of college. And had no real experience in the workforce other than the military. And my degree from pretty was in neuro science, and so to bridge that I became an operations, NCO and so I kind of went down operations lane You know that's what I'd done with the Border Patrol mission as I had changed RTP's and managed to integrate us really well within that the border talk fame. And so I looked into on finding a job in biotech. San Diego hotbed for bio attack, so that seemed like a good fit, and I went over there and. Started helping them. Implement? Automation machines. which totally worked with the with the operations and making us oh PS in Canada. The really regimented way to the Harry does things with the clinical lab it's in. Just absolutely. And I loved it. I enjoyed. It was great until we were bought out by a much bigger company. And they started taking away weekends and wanting us to. Twenty hours a day and I had a pretty bad racing habit that this time. I do road racing. which is what you see, the guy the needs on the ground. So talking about the talk about the road racing. How long how long have you been involved in motorcycles in recent bikes? I got my first motorcycle in two thousand and eight, so that was before the deployment, and before I knew was going to deploy, because a friend of mine told me that I wasn't going to do it. So I bought a motorcycle in January in Indiana. At the time, so you can tell how how smart I was I guess and. I because I know where to ride the snowing I- trailer down to bike week in Daytona. And I watched the two thousand eight hundred. And that was my first You know. My first exposure to motorcycle racing in this awesome thing and so that Kinda. Got The ball rolling I rode to attract A. Active Day to see what it was about and Check the company or by Jack Time kind of force me to get on the drag, and so once I got on the jacket was over the competitive nature, just took over, and I said I wanNA race, and so I ended up building a bike while I was deployed, obviously I wasn't physically building S. I was having bill back home. For racing. And so when I left, I had had you know eight months experience on a motorcycle on track, and then I took a year off, and then I think I got back November tenth and my first race was like November seventeen, so in our had just a few days to remind myself you know, break, clutch, gas and then. I was factory saying so that that was in The beginning of two thousand ten and jazz nine, no. Spend. House well, so you started I. Mean You already in college by the time you ever really gonNA motorcycle. As my student Romney. Worked out because now what I'm actually getting paid in his motorcycling, so it's a total good use of student loan, money and my mind. That's awesome well in a coal. We're going to quick break when we come back. We're going to talk about what you'd

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